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Spell check of stag

Correct spelling: stag

spy, gross, elephant, give away, otter, billy goat, mongoose, platypus, lascivious, glom, chipmunk, weasel, mouse, wallaby, alpha male, sight, goat, mole, buy at, opossum, hare, moose, camelopard, knock off, shop at, stigmatize, ribald, snitch, burro, sable, hedgehog, reindeer, boar, boy, rhinoceros, beaver, panda, vulgar, donkey, discover, dingo, pig, visitor, gnu, mink, brand, caribou, ox, snoop, cheetah, cheat, take a shit, cop, deceive, cavy, rat, hart, arctic fox, coyote, bring out, llama, lynx, fox, leopard, possum, cougar, dirty, nasty, ferret, blue, bison, lemming, fail, profane, echidna, chinchilla, guest, divulge, porny, company, wander, dromedary, denounce, let on, sloth, stigmatise, elk, frequent, caller, impure, sheep, yak, visiting fireman, sell, scab, X-rated, hamster, lewd, ibex, spot, lead astray, disclose, break, hippopotamus, gazelle, wombat, kangaroo, coarse, locker-room, dog, deer, patronize, camel, ocelot, koala, trashy, puma, porcupine, jaguar, unprintable, bawdy, stool, descry, sleuth, peach, filthy, indecent, skunk, alpaca, swine, foul, shrew, tiger, raccoon, rabbit, giraffe, expose, bullock, denizen, reveal, thieve, gutter, raunchy, gopher, betray, grass, cuckold, shop, antelope, squirrel, lion, house guest, jackal, grass over, hog, zebra, panther, buffalo, sponsor, cheat on, patronise, unwrap, make, let out, espy, bobcat, browse, hyena, boarder, ca-ca, bull, guest of honor, hook, cat, bear, bewray, pornographic, take a crap, marmot, cockerel, cow, polecat, wolf, mule, wanton, tell on, stoat, smutty, ermine, blackleg, buck, crude, fink, horse, mark.

endorsed, suitable, G-rated, pleasant, genteel, decorous, pleasing, nice, acceptable, inoffensive, agreeable, straitlaced, correct, wholesome, clean, immaculate, respectable, appropriate, polite, sanctioned, becoming, prim, prudish, perfect, fit, priggish, approved, virginal, innocuous, welcome, desirable, spotless, staid, proper, puritanical, decent, Victorian, seemly, pure, meet.

Examples of usage:

1) I never heard of his having fired at a stag at all." - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.

2) By the way, Miss Cunyngham, did Lord Fareborough ever get a stag?" - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.

3) But a stag is a stag whatever; and the evening is wearing on. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.