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Spell check of spurt

Correct spelling: spurt

spatter, outburst, explosion, shape, break through, moisture, force through, give off, increase, rave, flutter, green, excogitate, whiz through, growth, jet, get ahead, super acid, give out, cat valium, jet-propelled plane, invent, fashion, hurry, flush, small fry, upswing, stream, spray, burst, rabbit on, discharge, formulate, get along, move, sip, leak, spill, hurry up, outbreak, forge, sail through, squirt, issue from, pip-squeak, fountain, contrive, devise, gush, drop, get on with, fake, flare, emit, rush, jump, form, send out, special K, mouth off, advance, trickle, mold, jabber, generate, outpace, spirt, flare-up, honey oil, commotion, river, spasm, gallop through, twinge, beam, surge, fit, hammer, flicker, spout, rise, flurry, forge ahead, progress, zip through, mould, plod along, splash, super C, jet plane, leap, flash, work, condensation, reach, upsurge, toss off, impulse, rant, counterfeit.

calm, doldrums, slump.

Examples of usage:

1) She began to grow ill at ease; she felt a quick spurt of irritation. - "The Desert Valley", Jackson Gregory.

2) A spurt of irritation with himself succeeded that first desire to slap the message- bearer's face. - "The Desert Valley", Jackson Gregory.

3) He heard the latch of the kitchen door rise and fall- and he heard the scrape and spurt of a struck match. - "The Literary Sense", E. Nesbit.