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Spell check of spout

Correct spelling: spout

moisture, waterspout, egress, drain, spray, spatter, spew, rabbit on, talk away, move, beeswax, give off, crest, outflow, issue from, burst, compartment, rant, milk, spill, mouth, send out, drop, departure, parchment, jabber, pearl, catch, gush, efflux, leak, chatter, rave, splash, spirt, break, forge, squirt, lip, drone on, civet, depart, overflow, babble, outgo, runoff, give out, mouth off, exhaust, issue, musk, drainpipe, flip top, ink, dash, cap, fleece, vent, rainspout, ramble on, drainage, stream, outcome, discharge, cast up, cork, channel, emit, spurt, outlet, jet, pheromone, exodus, lid, river, condensation, sip, hold forth, come in, trough, blubber, pour, beam, exit, bung, deepen, eaves trough, keep on, go on, generate, trickle, course, run off.

Examples of usage:

1) The mouth was a spout. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.

2) There's a fountain to spout and splash! - "Hospital Sketches", Robert Swain Peabody.

3) " A horrid foreigner, miss- a little black Indian," replied the Teapot, turning up his spout with scorn, and giving a vicious squeeze to the others he held prisoners. - "The Rainbow Book Tales of Fun & Fancy", Mabel Henriette Spielmann.