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Spell check of splendid

Correct spelling: splendid

jim-dandy, delicate, pleasant, bully, cracking, noble, gallant, hype, proud, sensitive, peachy keen, top-shelf, topnotch, par excellence, benign, pleasing, subtle, phat, boss, thin, lambent, beneficial, grand, fair, monumental, attractive, exemplary, imperial, bumper, good, massive, effulgent, praiseworthy, bonny, lucid, shiny, tenuous, frontline, dainty, keen, charming, first-rate, regal, good-looking, shapely, slender, exquisite, wonderful, bang-up, boffo, mean, favorable, sharp, grandiose, illustrious, nifty, above par, ornamental, admirable, stately, enchanting, A-one, high-class, sterling, lucent, incandescent, pretty, candescent, lustrous, dreamy, shining, heavenly, numero uno, terrific, slight, finished, fantastical, champion, sightly, groovy, famous, lordly, smart as a whip, primo, gangbusters, royal, radiant, nice, graceful, clear, stellar, beaming, lovely, top-of-the-line, refined, divine, peachy, four-star, awesome, top-flight, glorious, stunning, blue-chip, pure, gauzy, big, belle, tiptop, elegant, brilliant, handsome, immense, subtile, imposing, supernal, prime, superlative, fabulous, brave, flowerlike, epic, small, excellent, dazzling, celebrated, impressive, smooth, topping, top-notch, prize, tophole, commendable, picturesque, unsurpassed, refulgent, great, heroic, A-1, splendorous, ripping, dandy, comminuted, minute, quality, blue-ribbon, out-of-sight, brag, worthwhile, bright, quaint, super, corking, Homeric, down, marvelous, first-string, vivid, sheeny, fulgent, glowing, sublime, fine, fab, topflight, capital, premium, comely, banner, A-OK, crackerjack, brainy, resplendent, number one, dynamite, swell, superb, wizard, princely, bedazzling, polished, hot, neat, luminous, splendiferous, radical, gilt-edged, august, worthy, laudable, top, slick, fantastic, becoming, choice, fantabulous, beautiful, select, baronial, A1, five-star, sensational, glamorous, magnific, majestic, distinguished, cool, prizewinning, superior, ace, clarified, first-class, tremendous, magnificent, gone, righteous, tip-top, gorgeous, classic.

dusky, lackluster, second-class, puny, immense, low-grade, lowly, coarse, dull, unheroic, common, palish, blunt, second-rate, big, mean, execrable, wretched, stout, insignificant, lousy, petty, atrocious, abject, darkish, shady, measly, pathetic, rude, mediocre, pale, awful, sunless, terrible, darksome, great, sordid, middling, substandard, large, unimposing, tenebrous, lightless, unimpressive, darkened, somber, ordinary, trifling, cloudy, huge, pitch-black, poor, vile, humble, unsatisfactory, leaden, rotten, thick, ugly, dimmed, murky, obscured, blackened, shabby, bad, gloomy, paltry, clumsy, unlit, unprepossessing, meretricious, gray, obscure, pitch-dark, trivial, average, inferior, dark, heavy, darkling, modest, run-of-the-mill, shadowy, dim.

Examples of usage:

1) Peter Junior is splendid. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) We really did have such a splendid lunch.... - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) " Anything I can do to help, you know-" " Of course I know, I think it's perfectly splendid, don't you? - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.