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Spell check of speck

Correct spelling: speck

smirch, crumb, glimmer, damage, dishonor, ace, fracture, sprinkle, dot, skin senses, chip, undertone, shade, pepper, blood corpuscle, mote, injury, wind, subatomic particle, drawback, particle, dapple, breath, famine, MARKS, scrape, bit, disfigurement, dash, shortfall, tweak, weal, whit, strain, skosh, brand, collar, tittle, stain, tad, disfigure, soil, sprinkling, scrap, blur, stipple, dearth, grain, pinpoint, abrasion, blood cell, poverty, exigency, deface, disgrace, snap, apprehension, patch, pinch, contact, spark, deformity, meagerness, fleck, distort, pockmark, blister, lick, blemish, big, smidgen, inadequacy, shortage, dab, atom, taint, sense of touch, imperfection, smell, scruple, scratch, intimation, taking into custody, rift, distortion, driblet, eyesore, lesion, touch, impurity, stigma, tarnish, spoil, hack, dent, tip, mark, flyspeck, abrade, mite, suspicion, niggardliness, clue, freckle, emergency, discoloration, smack, lead, stinginess, ray, cutaneous senses, streak, tactual sensation, check, catch, ort, minim, iota, steer, daub, mottle, slit, corpuscle, sparseness, touching, deficiency, soupcon, trace, blot, trifle, scab, drop, modicum, nip, tactile sensation, jotting, pittance, dram, fragment, hint, scintilla, blotch, morsel, scarceness, jot, gash, ghost, snip, dribble, miserliness, mar, spoilage, touch modality, fault, defacement, pip, notch, snippet, nugget, reproach, nick, hurt, bespeckle, wart, tinge, molecule, scuff, point, little, flaw, shadow, besprinkle, deform, sore, eyespot, spot, splotch, arrest, granule, spatter, scantiness, touch sensation, scar, peanuts, discolor, insufficiency, feeling, splash, confidential information, nubbin, score, suggestion, shred, speckle, signature, kink, ounce, paucity, defect.

gob, overage, loads, raft, deal, bushel, abundance, fistful, overflow, hunk, much, scads, peck, stack, plenty, mess, chunk, lot, boatload, bucket, oodles, lashings, pile, slab, profusion, gobs, quantity, passel, overkill, barrel, surplus, potful, overabundance, bundle, superabundance, embarrassment, surfeit, volume, excess, overmuch, bonanza, superfluity, oversupply, wealth, lump, mass, heaps, reams, mountain, wad.

Examples of usage:

1) It was nearly an hour later, and he was riding slowly, a lonely, moving speck in the center of a great level waste whose boundaries steadily receded before him, when a faint drumming of hoofs came out of the silence. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) Suddenly she saw in the distance a white speck that looked like a bird, flitting up the middle of the stream. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

3) The speck grew larger; and she saw that it was a light boat putting toward the island. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.