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Spell check of SORRA

Correct spelling: SORRA

Examples of usage:

1) " Sorra bit, ma bouchai," said a voice from behind his shoulder; and at the same moment the speaker clapped his hands over the other's eyes: " Who am I, now?" - "St. Patrick's Eve", Charles James Lever.

2) Sorra one of them could keep foot with us. - "With Moore At Corunna", G. A. Henty.

3) Sorra a one av me knows then, Misthur Thady; only that the tenants is no good frinds to the Captain; nor why should they, an' he going through the counthry with a lot of idle blagguards, with arms, an' guns, sazin' the poor divils for nothin' at all, only for thryin' to make out the rint for yer honor, with a thrifle of potheen? - "The Macdermots of Ballycloran", Anthony Trollope.