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Spell check of soporific

Correct spelling: soporific

oblivious, callous, cloddish, somnolent, blunt, lethargic, narcotic, stupefied, soporiferous, boorish, thick-witted, insensible, narcotizing, loutish, swooning, dense, somnific, sluggish, dead, ponderous, unconscious, sleepy, senseless, insensitive, numb, aloof, comatose, apathetic, awareness, tranquil, hypnagogic, sedative, opiate, unfeeling, tired, besotted, drowsy, dozy, doltish, dim, unperceptive, slow, depressant, dull, slumbery, hypnotic, obtuse, narcotising, somniferous, bovine, uninteresting, benumbed, faint, somnifacient, anesthetized, slumberous, nodding, balmy, insentient, hypnogogic.

energizing, reviving, refreshing, restorative, waking, bracing, interesting, stimulative, rousing, invigorating, stimulating, arousing, awakening, stimulant, wakening.

Examples of usage:

1) Within sixty days this soporific village became a roaring bedlam; every town lot was leased, derricks rose out of chicken runs, boilers panted in front yards, mobs of strangers surged through the streets and the air grew shrill with their bickerings. - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.

2) With all her heart Aurora lent herself to this, glad to witness, as she thought, the belated effect of the soporific. - "Aurora the Magnificent", Gertrude Hall.

3) But it is mainly as a soporific, that I would recommend " Silwood:" on four different occasions, under most trying circumstances it succeeded perfectly and promptly with me, for which relief- unintentional, perchance- I tender much thanks to the unknown author, and wish " more power to his arm." - "Border and Bastille", George A. Lawrence.