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Spell check of snitch

Correct spelling: snitch

fleece, sell, rat fink, thieve, tipster, stool pigeon, let out, sleuth, mark, pluck, patronize, telltale, abstract, snitcher, stigmatise, betray, brand, stalker, fling off, rip off, stoolpigeon, loot, cabbage, divulge, pick up, nail, lead astray, canary, glom, deceive, bigmouth, let on, grass over, gazump, dash off, nark, rat, walk off with, blackleg, knowledge, grass, drop, crochet, arrest, steal, sing, snarf, apprehend, mug, stag, stoolie, pilferer, shop, nip, cheat, burgle, informer, lift, plume, wander, browse, run away with, break, knock off, leak, disclose, denounce, take a shit, prowler, peach, deep throat, tip, gym shoe, toss off, filch, whistle-blower, ca-ca, bring out, talebearer, betrayer, pilfer, expose, liquidate, rob, tell on, give, frequent, overcharge, sneak, inform, neutralize, buy at, hook, sneak thief, scab, cuckold, fail, offload, surcharge, sneaker, unwrap, tennis shoe, pinch, talk, addict, shop at, nobble, tattletale, squealer, fink, dog, stigmatize, canary yellow, patronise, neutralise, sponsor, collar, solicit, spy, canary bird, do in, plunder, give away, snare, discover, cheat on, squeal, tattler, take a crap, shave, heist, law, nab, swipe, purloin, accost, tattle, reveal, bewray, spill the beans, make, soak, cop, tell, informant, mole, stool, snoop, waste.

Examples of usage:

1) But one of the conspirators getting " cold feet," the plot was betrayed to the Warden, whereupon Tom " sent the snitch to the hospital." - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.

2) He hadn't a notion people would be so low- down as to snitch his idea and go to making cotton gins of their own. - "Carl and the Cotton Gin", Sara Ware Bassett.

3) Snite his snitch; wipe his nose, i. - "Early English Meals and Manners", Various.