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Spell check of snip

Correct spelling: snip

granule, shave, cut down, range, tweet, trim, dress, steal, enclothe, excise, shear, press clipping, exclude, curry, newspaper clipping, speck, flash back, raiment, morsel, blackball, browse, groom, cartridge clip, plume, arrange, disclaim, patch, garment, flyspeck, pare, time, restrict, graze, crumb, disgorge, discharge, rationalize, get dressed, sever, cutting, jettison, drain, deal, tittle, cull, clothe, clip, trim down, jog, finely, chop, coiffure, snip off, cut back, nubbin, apparel, reduce, abandon, nip, erupt, press cutting, eliminate, spew, coif, trimming, discard, deny, seep, vent, reject, decorate, cut up, belch, work, pinch, line up, exhaust, evacuate, disallow, twinge, check, vomit, disapprove, rationalise, habilitate, etch, tog, trot, deep-six, jilt, fleck, discerp, crop, cartridge holder, lop, scruple, bring down, bar, garb, emit, mote, pasture, cultivate, oppugn, cut out, cut, scrap, dress up, twitch, set, magazine, grain, slice, clipping, snipping, atom, coiffe, nugget, trash, exude, dress out, blacklist, curtail, curb, dribble, hack, garnish, eject, particle, shed, primp, cut short, nip off, squeeze, prune, secrete, do, junk, snippet, excrete, trim back, pennyworth, preen, molecule, buy, fit out.

gouging, pile, wad, hunk, mass, barrel, overcharge, markup, heaps, luxury, bushel, loads, soaking, extravagance, stack, chunk, scads, volume, quantity, surcharge, gob, raft, mountain, abundance, profusion, deal, wealth, rip-off, bucket, slab, peck, lump.

Examples of usage:

1) Snip, a fox terrier, had already made friends. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.

2) She carried a bundle of books under her arm and Snip, the fox terrier, ran beside her. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.

3) But at that moment Snip trotted out from the barn, where he had been hunting for rats, and hailed Roy as a long- lost friend. - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.