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Spell check of slowpoke

Correct spelling: slowpoke

goof-off, snail, ne'er-do-well, plodding, mooch, sponger, goldbrick, dragging, dilly-dallier, moocher, leisurely, dawdler, dallier, vagrant, layabout, panhandler, stick-in-the-mud, delaying, beggar, crawling, lazybones, creeping, idler, drone, good-for-nothing, dragger, trudger, loiterer, lag, phlegmatic, sluggish, lingering, laggard, lingerer, poky, mendicant, slouch, procrastinator, slacker, scrounger, loafer, dawdling, slow, bum, tarrier, plodder, wastrel, crawler, slowcoach, mope, fast, lounge lizard, couch potato, poke, slogger, lagger, straggler, lethargic, freeloader, trudging.

hurrier, rusher, speeder, speedster, go-getter, scrambler.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, I never saw such a slowpoke! - "Dorothy Dainty at Glenmore", Amy Brooks.

2) Ole Mister Slowpoke couldn't catch a flea! - "Gentle Julia", Booth Tarkington.

3) " Go on," he wanted to say, " go on, you slowpoke." - "Autumn", Robert Nathan.