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Spell check of slash

Correct spelling: slash

blight, solidus, sky, snub, slap, cam stroke, flog, trim down, devalue, fortuity, pound, piece, riot, discard, bad break, reduce, bezzant, degrade, whisk, beat, shrivel, cut of meat, laceration, cutting off, pitch, rent, assault, lam, dress down, deletion, fell, charge, shot, down, lower, drop, call down, belittle, mow, toss, toss out, chance event, cast away, depreciate, cut, crush, excision, lop, scarify, violate, blister, slicing, barrage, apoplexy, scathe, bedwetting, bezant, rip, rebuke, top-slice, rag, reproof, bias, savage, bombard, slice, constipation, breakage, rip into, erode, knock down, help, accident, constipated, brace, baseball swing, cut out, separatrix, bursting, fling, target, chip, virgule, minimize, cutting, thrash about, trim, cane, flay, thrash, invade, break, apostrophe, fade, swing, pull down, incise, bracket, swipe, burnout, push down, diminish, fight, cast out, chew out, hammer, chew up, chide, halve, enter, bullet, strike at, lick, beat out, cast aside, hit, scourge, jaw, soap, score, prune, worst, rack up, ampersand, blemish, thrust, strike, gash, stinger, shell, strap, slit, vanquish, track, lash out, colon, rush, comma, cut back, mop up, cold shoulder, tear, start, mosh, lather, strike down, egestion, increase, cut up, clobber, pare, praise, truncate, excoriate, debase, chuck, strike out, flip, bowel movement, throw away, thresh, bring down, bawl out, whip, trim back, burn, put away, aim, throw, raid, dart, flutter, combat, harry, bruise, berate, batter, deflate, pierce, hit out, toss away, crop, cream, attack, cheapen, scold, throw out, dry, slam dance, clip, storm, byzant, have words, remonstrate, assail, cerebrovascular accident, roast, chop, thresh about, cut down, dive, lambast, call on the carpet, flick, flail, trounce, scald, bullet point, diagonal, etch, evacuate, discount, shave, sever, decrease, slam, hack, lunge, lash, bat, finely, jactitate, lambaste, chuck out, jump, lecture, twitch, mark down, devaluate, scorch, dispose, shear, drub, reprimand, undercut, incision, convulse, pip, welt.

Examples of usage:

1) It was the strangest instance of a mind to which erudition had given force and fluency without culture; his learning had not educated his perceptions: it was an implement serving to slash others rather than to polish himself. - "The Greater Inclination", Edith Wharton.

2) The wind blew a gale against them, slapping their faces with wet canes, so that their flesh stung as at the slash of whips. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.

3) " That's all right," muttered Warren, " but if any chap thinks he can slash my shins all the time and not get hurt he's a good bit mistaken." - "The Crimson Sweater", Ralph Henry Barbour.