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Spell check of sirloin

Correct spelling: sirloin

ham, ribs, lamb, Canadian bacon, rump roast, chop, smoked sausage, bacon, pork chop, venison, poultry, loin chop, meat loaf, roast beef, ground beef, corn dog, meat pie, chump, tenderloin, filet mignon, kidney, sausage, ham hock, chuck, chuck steak, roast, frankfurter, hot dog, lamb chop, flank, veal, T-bone steak, pork, brisket, tripe, beef, meat, wiener, mutton, porterhouse steak, pot roast, flesh, cut, chicken, sirloin steak, minute steak, beefsteak, cutlet, fillet, turkey, liver, spareribs, hamburger.

Examples of usage:

1) We had a huge Sirloin, soe no Feare of short Commons. - "Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary", Anne Manning.

2) How the layers of fat and lean alternate through rib and sirloin! - "The History of Peru", Henry S. Beebe.

3) Aloyau, a sirloin of beef. - "The South of France--East Half", Charles Bertram Black.