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Spell check of simulacrum

Correct spelling: simulacrum

prototype, image, model, figure of speech, epitome, ikon, representation, reproduction, Xerox, copy, trope, duplicate, range, clone, look-alike, likeness, carbon copy, reduplication, facsimile, mental image, resemblance, paradigm, replication, double, ditto, SIMULACRE, figure, replica, parody, picture, imitation, same, icon, counterpart, carbon, persona, counterfeit, effigy.

Examples of usage:

1) The present Susunhan, descended from both Hindu and Arab ancestry, maintains a brilliant simulacrum of royal state, and his huge Kraton, far surpassing that of Djokjacarta, contains 10, 000 inhabitants. - "Through the Malay Archipelago", Emily Richings.

2) There is hardly anything to be said in its favour, except that its vogue, as has been observed, testified to the craving for prose fiction, and kept at least a simulacrum of that fiction before the public. - "The English Novel", George Saintsbury.