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Spell check of shy

Correct spelling: shy

changeable, unconfident, inadequate, selfless, dishonorable, uncertain, dillydallying, frisk, demure, scary, fainthearted, ambivalent, arboreal, volatile, fly-by-night, flitting, undecided, timorous, shifty, shrink, amphibious, unwilling, discreditable, big, self-effacing, backward, ill at ease, fearsome, spineless, asexual, hesitant, tentative, insipid, timid, diffident, sheepish, bristle, introverted, yellow, androgynous, skittish, erratic, unrespectable, unresolved, double-minded, louche, best-of-breed, insufficient, indecisive, coy, irresponsible, withdrawn, unselfish, deficient, unsure, opprobrious, retiring, ignominious, humble, faint, captive, articulate, undemonstrative, under, recoil, beach, unassertive, inconsistent, wanting, halfhearted, meek, recessive, quail, restraint, blench, mousy, shilly-shally, infirm, anthropoid, cringe, shameful, bite, insecure, excess, weak, short, tremulous, wince, shady, start, burrow, faint-hearted, notorious, caged, vacillating, buck, scarce, incertain, undependable, bashful, wary, lost, reserved, low, irresolute, aquatic, unobtrusive, capricious, flinch, infamous, modest, fickle, fearful, approach, impulsive, lacking, claw, gore, shoddy, shrinking, watery, cast, inhibited, disgraceful.

dauntless, generous, permissible, plucky, honest, valorous, considerable, luxuriant, uninhibited, heroic, self-assured, jumbo, outgoing, adventuresome, king-size, honorable, approved, adventurous, tolerable, unswerving, reputable, self-confident, doughty, principled, audacious, plenteous, brave, stout, stalwart, plentiful, adequate, forceful, bountiful, spirited, blameless, boon, abundant, rich, substantial, intrepid, sufficient, greathearted, gregarious, super, enlarged, bounteous, assured, immodest, resolute, bold, venturous, exemplary, guiltless, expanded, undeterred, dashing, firm, prestigious, sizable, sociable, unflinching, big, daring, confident, moral, unreserved, enough, respected, decorous, reputed, large, brash, upstanding, just, licensed, creditable, extroverted, venturesome, overflowing, overbold, seemly, commendable, ample, largish, determined, copious, satisfactory, liberal, hefty, valiant, undaunted, hardy, gallant, respectable, supplemented, proper, teeming, clubbable, mettlesome, companionable, noble, spunky, lavish, authorized, correct, legal, convivial, stouthearted, decent, righteous, good, permitted, game, abounding, fearless, endorsed, oversize, social, lionhearted, gutsy, sanctioned, esteemed, unwary, ethical, clean, courageous, upright, forward.

Examples of usage:

1) He also recalled the feeling of acute irritation with which he had noticed Mabel Digby's look of shy congratulation at Jane and at himself. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) He had never seen her shy before. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Mr. Walters, a shy man of few words, looked silently at Mr. Ballard to speak, while the Elder urged them to be seated. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.