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Spell check of shrewdness

Correct spelling: shrewdness

astuteness, cleverness, trickiness, instinct, foresight, brilliance, finesse, guile, wiliness, intellect, quickness, adroitness, wariness, keenness, intelligence, perspicaciousness, deftness, wit, clear-sightedness, discrimination, judgement, slipperiness, sound judgment, irony, skill, artfulness, facility, depth, profoundness, cunningness, percipiency, scintillation, sagacity, smoothness, perceptiveness, acumen, snakiness, foxiness, craftiness, sharpness, ability, urbanity, deepness, profundity, subtleness, perspicacity, eye, insight, sophistry, slickness, sly, acuteness, cunning, deviousness, nose, scurrility, ingeniousness, ingenuity, intuition, comedy, careful, caginess, hardheadedness, inventiveness, drollness, subtlety, humor, mastery, judgment, resourcefulness, discernment, slyness, sound judgement, knowingness, art, canniness, sageness, percipience.

dumbness, greenness, foolishness, unworldliness, simplicity, slowness, oafishness, unsophistication, ingenuousness, naiveness, senselessness, naïveté, witlessness, dopiness, simplemindedness, doltishness, fatuity, simpleness, stupidity, obtuseness, guilelessness, bluntness, dulness, brainlessness, artlessness, vacuity, innocence, stupidness, density, mindlessness.

Examples of usage:

1) And he followed her,- his shrewdness gone, for once. - "The Crisis, Volume 6", Winston Churchill.

2) With his great shrewdness and business ability, why did he not take advantage of the many opportunities the war gave to make a fortune? - "The Crisis, Volume 6", Winston Churchill.

3) He is sometimes credited with remarkable shrewdness in having anticipated in this Essay some of the greatest public improvements of modern times- the protection of seamen, the higher education of women, the establishment of banks and benefit societies, the construction of highways. - "Daniel Defoe", William Minto.