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Spell check of ship

Correct spelling: ship

limousine, dhow, sail, scow, vehicle, caique, row, tugboat, canoe, cockleshell, convertible, beam, cruise ship, transfer, steamship, schooner, convey, jalopy, cruiser, coracle, fire engine, buggy, parachute, institutionalize, lightship, galleon, jeep, enter, frigate, delight, lugger, car, lorcha, bicycle, skiff, roadster, brig, canal boat, hydrofoil, ocean liner, rowboat, motorcar, ferry, steamboat, supertanker, barge, hulk, craft, speedboat, yacht, place, bilander, submarine, address, transmit, keel, houseboat, station, tractor, ketch, sailboat, copy to, gunboat, dory, cutter, bundle off, coupe, bulk carrier, ambulance, air, personal transporter, sampan, transport, fire off, clipper, enrapture, carry, catamaran, route, billyboy, enthrall, institutionalise, battleship, watercraft, bark, kayak, scull, container ship, aircraft carrier, cart, pontoon, commit, trimaran, taxicab, mail, xebec, pilot boat, hearse, dinghy, cargo boat, carrier, coach, brigantine, patamar, sled, send, bateau, hoy, get off, relocate, automobile, channel, machine, sledge, windjammer, liner, casco, get, direct, galley, van, diesel, coaster, freighter, pack off, escort, station wagon, auto, oil tanker, motorcycle, forward, fishing boat, ravish, trawler, sloop, consign, wagon, enchant, tug, barkentine, caravel, taxi, embark, channelize, truck, fishing smack, channelise, bowser, lifeboat, bus, corvette, yawl, haul, broadcast, cargo ship, conveyance, sailing ship, amphibian, motorboat, flier, charge, raft, galiot, merchantman, longboat, tanker, send out, cabin cruiser, boat, venture, stagecoach, enthral, vessel, felucca, send off, armored car, steamer, cab, post, move, destroyer, junk, landau, sedan, brougham, icebreaker, farm out, circulate, motor vehicle, dugout, dragger, packet, paddle boat, gondola, boxcar, train, dispatch.

debark, disembark, set down.

Examples of usage:

1) There's a ship comin' across th' sea- an' I see a letther! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) My mother came for me at the convent in Paris, and in the night we went to my father, and in the morning we went to the great ship. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) If we had said Manovska when we took the ship, we would have been sent back and my father would have been killed. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.