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Spell check of shift

Correct spelling: shift

vary, refraction, dismission, slick, transfigure, slickness, channel, duty period, course, disturb, huckster, gap, commute, displace, change, revision, teddies, swop, stimulate, disruption, solecism, dislocate, shift key, monger, deepen, cant over, pitch, mooring, hammock, call forth, swing, paper bag, budge, interruption, cracking, refract, evoke, conjure up, put forward, convey, conjure, permutation, stagger, step, modify, conversion, adaptation, shifting, excite, wander, dismissal, stirring, touch, time, set up, reel, lurch, transfiguration, flaw, open frame, interchange, pause, replacement, transposition, rouse, peddle, transmit, pivot, turn, moorage, falling out, alternate, turn on, break, keel, diverge, recess, deviation, pillowcase, skunk, case, happy chance, shake, stint, shake up, prison-breaking, release, dislodge, prisonbreak, trade, fault, swag, firing, deflect, trip, switch over, poke, departure, switching, switch, arouse, vex, angle, parapraxis, channelize, divergence, do, expedient, actuate, slope, group, good luck, flow, diversity, translation, gaucherie, cant, pillow slip, move, push, commove, sacque, discharge, means, severance, work shift, shimmy, reposition, raise up, breach, slip-up, gaolbreak, motion, slipperiness, sack, vend, eluding, time out, relay, fight, sky, skid, substitute, deliver, divert, rift, breakage, coggle, transport, transubstantiation, send, pass, respite, dispatch, make out, transition, slip of paper, teddy, fend, press, bring up, avert, bump, sacking, elusion, strip, diversification, jailbreak, call down, depart, deracination, displacement, tip, supplanting, toss, digression, metamorphose, crusade, fracture, transfer, teddy bear, transmute, cart, hawk, tack, slip, pouch, campaign, swap, faulting, succeed, mutation, change over, lean, transit, spell, sway, break of serve, reformation, miscue, chemise, get by, transplant, transformation, breaking, channelise, agitate, diversify, convert, flip-flop, rupture, variation, throw, relocate, charge up, express, faux pas, bear, displacement reaction, adjustment, stir up, incline, gang, manage, difference, alteration, deviate, squad, sideslip, flip, gaffe, prowl, aberration, modification, liberation, alter, exchange, get along, gear, muddle through, drift, go, suspension, substitution, breakout, reassign, veer, invoke, qualify, wobble, error, fare, stir, sackful, run, proceed, transmutation, carry, metamorphosis, cutting, electrical switch, maneuver, remove, defect, geological fault, intermission, deflection, free, tilt, raise, transpose, thrive, digress, haul, demerit, berth, sac, careen, transform, charge, mistake, team, pocket, carrier bag, modulation, electric switch, foment.

expiration, pause, lapse, motionlessness, continue, inertness, retain, keep, stay, hold, finish, bide, persist, termination, abide, ending, halt, remain, discontinuance, surcease, shutoff, stillness, endure, stoppage, immobility, stop, shutdown, inertia, cessation.

Examples of usage:

1) He made shift to limp to the door, whence he called for Mattawa. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) " We are going to work the plant twenty- four hours a day, Ted," he announced, " and I've put you in charge of the night- shift, beginning tonight." - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) This sudden shift of the attack threw me into great confusion. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.