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Spell check of shade

Correct spelling: shade

panoply, variation, souvenir, rainbow, a little, look, finish, subtlety, eidolon, skosh, shade off, visor, hant, shred, whisper, purification, semblance, shadowiness, veil, rough out, blind, canopy, bogey, fraction, timber, tonicity, parasol, creep, keepsake, phantasma, complete, contact, aide-memoire, stand in, strain, spark, full-length, weirdie, cross section, gloaming, lace curtain, touch, eclipse, bridge, dye, flash, grouping, spectrum, curtain, screen, semidarkness, materialization, tone, dryad, weirdo, tonus, fantasm, civilisation, big, curtain rod, taxonomy, driblet, shadiness, dash, soup├žon, piece, sub, apparition, flavor, flavour, light, spot, draw, fill in, little, eyeglasses, snap, taster, ghostly, daemon, intimation, dimness, barrier, proposal, breath, cover, shield, nip, visitant, colouring, tad, color, make out, haunt, lounger, chaise longue, umbrella, ghostwriter, darken, weirdy, scruple, umbrage, spectre, dram, redraw, peanuts, quality, doppelganger, nicety, dark glasses, tone of voice, revenant, poltergeist, refining, whisker, guardian angel, fragment, genie, bogeyman, hue, wraith, musical note, contrast, ray, refinement, smack, earpiece, cultivation, awning, smidgen, color scheme, colors, block out, chaise, note, brolly, timbre, contact lens, obscure, reminder, covering, tinge, darkness, ace, candlelight, sketch, being, beach chair, etch, lamp shade, shades, vestige, cast, palette, substitute, civilization, twilight, sunshade, vision, justness, spirit, taste, tincture, illustrate, complexion, smell, ghost, black, phantasm, feeling, cut out, dwarf, mite, type, gloom, stand out, a bit, rightness, whole step, roller blind, eyewear, specter, feel, suggestion, shutter, penumbra, bogle, ounce, whiff, classification, night, sort, shadow, blinders, lick, nuance, familiar spirit, whole tone, elaboration, scintilla, suspicion, streak, tint, speck, trace, stain, extinguish, pigment, drapes, murk, crumb, step, deck chair, dab, polish, glimmer, sprinkling, cloud, fill out, depth, show, sample, jalousie, chromatic, splash, pure tone, frames, sprite, umbra, paint, blacken, variety, spatter, gradation, fog, hide, bench, discoloration, caricature, supernatural, shadowy, niceness, shadows, category, hair, hint, dim, chaise lounge, murky, Venetian blind, phantom, bifocals, four-eyes, bit, ink, coloring, culture, lawn chair, class, dusk, memento, overshadow, kind, blackness.

fistful, pile, starlight, oversupply, much, incandescence, glare, gobs, superfluity, brightness, light, lucidness, hunk, superabundance, barrel, oodles, achromatism, wad, reams, luminosity, passel, radiance, daylight, overflow, loads, luminance, brilliance, radiancy, slab, bushel, bonanza, surfeit, wealth, volume, mess, blaze, sunlight, mountain, heaps, sunshine, overage, excess, scads, luminescence, shine, plenty, embarrassment, lot, luminousness, mass, raft, quantity, bundle, glow, lucidity, lashings, lump, boatload, overmuch, stack, surplus, bucket, potful, overabundance, day, moonlight, effulgence, chunk, peck, illumination, deal, lightness, abundance, profusion, overkill.

Examples of usage:

1) To- day will be hot, but shade will not be lacking under the tree. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Let pull down the shade-" " Oh, I've got to see!" - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Nasmyth sat down, and he did not immediately notice that while Acton had placed his chair where the light struck full upon his face, Wisbech sat a little farther back in the shadow cast by the shade of the lamp. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.