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Spell check of senselessness

Correct spelling: senselessness

double-talk, blather, sopor, folly, faintness, numbness, preposterousness, madness, oblivion, vacuum, deadness, ability, meaninglessness, obliviousness, aloofness, silliness, fatuity, zaniness, foolery, noise, unmeaningness, craziness, unfeelingness, narcosis, nonsense, dullness, vacuity, pointlessness, heedlessness, trance, idiocy, cipher, insentience, jabber, babble, lunacy, coma, stupor, drivel, hogwash, unconsciousness, tomfoolery, insensitivity, anesthesia, absurdity, insensibility, stupidity, swoon, imbecility, callousness, incapacity, gobbledygook, rashness, insanity, inanity, mindlessness, foolishness.

brilliancy, wisdom, soundness, intelligence, astuteness, common sense, capacity, acuteness, sense, sagacity.

Examples of usage:

1) Si'Wren looked long upon the girls' departing backs, desiring to tell them the truth, to tell them all that it was they who were the fools, and to scold them for their senselessness. - "Si'Wren of the Patriarchs", Roland Cheney.

2) The frightful senselessness of it was apparent when the enemies of two nations fighting to the death stood in the grey mist together and liked each other. - "The Soul of the War", Philip Gibbs.

3) People get systematically accustomed to the absolute senselessness of scenic representations; look therefore to a rational treatment of the translated librettos. - "Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1", Francis Hueffer (translator).