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Spell check of senseless

Correct spelling: senseless

surplus, excess, faineant, ill-judged, ludicrous, mindless, ill-advised, unpointed, contradictory, inconclusive, purposeless, irrational, monstrous, hogwash, invalid, anachronistic, fatuous, inconsistent, under, jabbering, anomalous, wild, spare, insensate, extra, skeletal, meaningless, pinched, unintelligent, fallacious, noisy, swooning, false, ability, ineffectual, soporific, unaffected, lazy, incongruous, idiotic, impossible, nitwitted, unmeaning, ill-considered, gaunt, diminished, farcical, witless, chimerical, slothful, insensitive, insentient, indiscernible, vacuous, comatose, callous, irresponsible, dull, implausible, perverse, erroneous, double-talk, illogical, insensible, ridiculous, sound asleep, supernumerary, oblivious, blathering, paradoxical, wrong, wasted, undetectable, fast asleep, bony, bizarre, unconscious, mistaken, weak-minded, absurd, haggard, futile, preposterous, asinine, forgetful, planned, numb, driveling, cadaverous, anesthetized, unmindful, outlandish, asleep, unfeeling, reasonless, unperceptive, trance-like, work-shy, atrophied, brainless, inane, silly, redundant, infatuated, blacked out, superfluous, squandered, extreme, otiose, soft-witted, gobbledygook, self-contradictory, emaciated, cold, out, aloof, foolish, supererogatory, childish, purpose, indolent, causeless, semiconscious, dead, narcotic, unreasonable, unavailing, pointless, hysterical, incorrect, eccentric, faint, cryptic, nonsensical, crazy, awareness.

incontestable, smart, certain, established, undeniable, logical, reasonable, sagacious, wise, incontrovertible, demonstrable, demonstrated, indisputable, sensible, substantial, valuable, true, rational, unquestionable, indubitable, conscious, sound, consistent, infallible.

Examples of usage:

1) He flung off his robe and slippers, and within five minutes he was senseless in slumber. - "Doom of the House of Duryea", Earl Peirce.

2) Well, Kazem took up that role when we were out to beat you senseless. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.

3) His runners were killed or fell senseless from shell- shock. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.