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Spell check of seduce

Correct spelling: seduce

debauch, deprave, cherish, have, nock, spend a penny, adulterate, violate, dally, throw, pee-pee, progress to, grade, piddle, stimulate, produce, take a shit, make, corrupt, take a leak, coax, inveigle, induce, deflower, pass water, pervert, nominate, relieve oneself, charm, debase, ravish, sweet-talk, endear, get to, run after, take a crap, wee, rack up, desecrate, draw, reach, mark, snuggle, cuddle, pull in, ready, coddle, take in, get, entice, demoralize, take, lead on, defile, convince, magnetize, sway, earn, lay down, engross, bill and coo, beguile, attract, ruin, tempt, score, invite, bring in, court, pair off, spoon, captivate, bribe, make up, enchant, fix, vamp, persuasion, ask out, micturate, do, win, pull, dissuade, abase, hug, twist, degrade, chase, spur, lure, prepare, encourage, woo, ogle, prevail on, clear, serenade, create, urge on, romance, nuzzle, cajole, pick up, gain, realise, tally, chat up, cook, constitute, lead astray, attain, solicit, name, warp, bait, abduct, hold, arrive at, ca-ca, puddle, construct, establish, work, build, urge, enlist, betray, implore, wee-wee, fascinate, make love, make believe, allure, realize, pretend, hit, deform, stool, give, prod, draw in, caress, form, vitiate, cause, undo, decoy, flirt, persuade, motivate, kiss, make water, distort, drag, come on to.

damp, forewarn, dissuade, chill, drive away, alert, drive, caution, turn away, warn, repulse, repel, deter, ward.

Examples of usage:

1) Withers was the only one of the guards who might have been tempted; but after his affright, it was not likely that either the promise of kisses, or the proffer of gold pieces, would again seduce the sentry from the strict line of his duty. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

2) To say that I wanted to seduce you would hardly be correct, considering how little there can be of a seductive nature about a man of my years. - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.

3) And to tell the real fact, I should not now fancy turning my steps towards Paris, if I had not very tolerable information that she is in full cry after me through the Wengen Alps, I having contrived a paragraph in Galignani, to seduce her thither, and where, with the blessing of Providence, if the snow set in early, she must pass the winter. - "The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, Complete", Charles James Lever (1806-1872).