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Spell check of scrape

Correct spelling: scrape

move up, bind, fall guy, crimp, engrave, shin, defect, muster up, scrub, pinch, go on, blow, scuff, fault, inscribe, cross, damage, strike, graze, surface, lolly, crisis, box, lettuce, abrasion, drawback, hurt, cicatrice, progress, dough, pelf, imperfection, expunge, grade, speck, mug, arise, scrape up, suck up, marker, kotow, rise up, genuflect, clatter, brush, scribble, sputter, sprain, chafe, cacography, peel, itch, brand, scour, cough, defacement, irritate, home run, pare, clip-clop, file, cancel, deform, freckle, harm, chump, summon, kale, score, burble, scar, stress, bob up, truckle, simoleons, clams, scratching, chisel, buzz, stigma, spoilage, scab, blot, detrition, forge ahead, ordeal, fret, beat, rally, tarnish, corrasion, sore, crunch, excise, bruise, propel, blemish, weal, dot, eyesore, pickle, shinny, nick, mar, dilemma, go, tragedy, excoriation, resist, walk on, grind, difficulty, grave, flail, jam, blister, loss, sign, target, budge, call off, bull's eye, lesion, check, grate, chicken feed, shekels, nightmare, chop, slit, soft touch, eat into, come on, wear, get hold, advance, loot, patsy, muster, rankle, rasp, carry on, sugar, quagmire, run-in, struggle, disturb, distort, taint, creak, rise, lift, pockmark, skimp, disfigure, find, scrawl, attrition, hot spot, toady, mark, scrimp, clash, cicatrix, skin, fleck, come, rift, ding, kink, roll, start, starting line, bump, Dutch, discolor, save, injure, impurity, clangor, spot, moolah, wound, manhandle, aggravate, splotch, hot water, go up, scraping, head, fix, chip, dinero, skirmish, scratch, press, line up, incision, spoil, cabbage, predicament, plight, drill, fracture, chip away, clamber, stint, take, injury, harass, bark, abrade, card, corner, deep water, clack, ascend, trouble, distortion, fawn, bruising, wampum, bell ringer, gash, bootlick, self-injury, kowtow, hassle, battle, gelt, scramble, deformity, disfigurement, wart, grinding, cut, rub, uprise, hack, clink, fool, stain, transfer, soup, shunt, put on, dent, pass, concussion, crisscross, chase, discoloration, flaw, notch, scratch up, print, babble, jar, lucre, guide, come up, fray, boodle, move, deface, bread, stub, marking, gull, blotch, easy, flow, click.

Examples of usage:

1) If you get into a scrape, or any sort of trouble, will you remember that? - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.

2) You come here and enjoy yourself, and have a great hearty meal, and when you are likely to get into a scrape you throw the blame on me. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) You have probably got into some scrape. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.