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Spell check of scheme

Correct spelling: scheme

reckoning, sift, maintain, project, prepare, account, precis, control, connivance, rank, chart, endeavor, synopsis, quantize, planned, infer, planning, classify, campaign, organize, mathematics, method, cabal, regulate, appraisal, assessment, statistics, fetch, grade, estimate, fascinate, approach, establish, triangulate, weigh, study, prospectus, determination, coordination, sleight, strategy, calculus, adventure, ambition, exploit, schema, invention, pursuit, presumption, supposition, program, appraise, arrange, dodge, division, calculation, master plan, escape, coordinate, policy, anticipate, intent, class, way, score, screen, algebra, artifice, purpose, road map, will, tally, methodize, play, wile, forethought, schedule, shape, intrigue, trajectory, arrangements, frame, judgement, separate, technique, multiplication, thought, consider, machination, discipline, design, deed, add, conspiracy, agenda, subordinate, act, shenanigan, perform, enumeration, presume, intend, compose, ground plan, order, divide, judge, connive, balance, expectation, arithmetic, object, gauge, multiply, mode, outline, right, dodging, collude, feat, devise, calculate, manner, measure, categorize, rate, forecast, gambit, inference, reckon, premeditate, mind, mean, structure, count, stratify, approximation, choice, pursue, harmonize, type, arrangement, form, abstract, end, pigeonhole, tactic, sort, normalize, quantification, integrate, consideration, mediate, procedure, algorithm, evasion, conclusion, valuation, deduction, system of rules, surmise, layout, undertaking, orchestrate, enterprise, rationalize, array, device, enumerate, organization, propose, juggle, approximate, conceive, stratagem, conspire, place, plan, estimation, choose, goal, collate, organisation, settle, triangulation, wish, collusion, deduce, means, contrivance, conclude, proposition, system, measurement, turning away, cast, lineation, evaluation, knack, plot, game plan, basis, adjust, suppose, computation, task, resolve, production, proposal, assess, flimflam, value, unify, gimmick, figure, shunning, think, maneuver, ploy, mechanism, preparation, set, scenario, invent, systematize, guess, intention, total, expect, performance, initiate, contrive, sum, anticipation, affair, activity, stabilize, process, marshal, hatch, venture, compute, quantify, blueprint, agreement, schematize, proceed, support, undertake, do, evaluate, aim, idea, avoidance, initiative, course, game, unsnarl, conception, jig, group, determine, premeditation, fix.

Examples of usage:

1) He was far from sure that the scheme would prove successful, and it was at least certain that it would cost him a good deal of trouble to carry it out. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) " Seeing that the scheme is Nasmyth's, I guess it's only reasonable to fall in with his views as far as we can," he said. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) You can't charge it on the scheme. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.