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Spell check of satisfy

Correct spelling: satisfy

exhilarate, speak for itself, accomplish, fascinate, do, quench, indemnify, carry through, make full, cope with, receive, run across, allay, determine, elate, settle, point to, convince, run into, measure up, perform, compute, tickle, satisfaction, furnish, compensate, retaliate, pleasure, gas, suffice, discharge, observe, remunerate, suffer, saturate, agree, entertain, surfeit, foregather, appease, assemble, neglect, calculate, arrange, recoup, please, rejoice, argue, comply with, occupy, redeem, comply, come up to, induce, serve, match, count, fulfill, win, capture, assure, gorge, assess, humor, conciliate, comfort, gain, come across, pain, suit, complete, estimate, certify, satiate, action, flatter, sate, captivate, avail, propitiate, quit, get by, qualify, gladden, cater to, provide, cheer, clear up, persuasion, convert, carry out, enthrall, gather, delight, get together, come up with, warm, make merry, indulge, dovetail, enliven, amuse, reckon, revenge, execute, resource, meet, recompense, project, befriend, fit in with, glut, equip, show, answer, satiety, validate, encounter, converge, content, give, assuage, fulfil, slake, bring around, supply, pay off, talk, cloy, inveigle, persuade, take, confirm, play, take on, become, bring, reciprocate, punish, sustenance, win over, adjoin, avenge, match up, conform to, forgather, replete, prove, liquidate, fill, get, support, clear, gratify, engorge, disburse, glad, reward, add up, animate, feast, prevail, touch, live up to, fill up, fit, assert, pay, keep, move, requite, offer, stuff, square, return, repay, see, pander, benefit, contact.

displease, fall short of, disregard, dissuade, pass over, bug, default, slight, deter, overpass, peeve, chafe, pique, aggravate, grate, insult, infuriate, break, madden, put out, affront, enrage, fret, dissatisfy, offend, irritate, cross, bother, overlook, exasperate, incense, agitate, outrage, acquit, disturb, forget, neglect, violate, tease, vex, discourage, anger, arouse, distress, rouse, inflame, pardon, steam up, harass, transgress, roil, absolve, nettle, pester, annoy, harry, forgive, excuse, excite, get, stimulate, rankle, irk, gall, ignore, tantalize, ruffle, provoke, rile, breach, upset, perturb.

Examples of usage:

1) Would it not be proper for him to satisfy himself upon this point? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) Here was a creature which could satisfy for a while our many needs. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Does that satisfy you, young miss? - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.