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Spell check of sane

Correct spelling: sane

well-balanced, intelligent, wise, practical, clearheaded, steady, reasonable, insane, judicious, mature, lucid, well-adjusted, in her right mind, sensible, unreasonable, with-it, illogical, self-possessed, well-founded, fair, sober-minded, clearly, reason, balanced, commonsensible, stable, sober, down-to-earth, irrational, rational, grounded, senseless, in their right minds, logical, compos mentis, sound, in his right mind, clear, realistic, sagacious, thinking, right-minded, clear-headed, commonsensical, wide awake, alert, pragmatic, of sound mind, sage, fair-minded, discerning, right, normal, sapient, levelheaded, well-grounded, prudent, fairish.

psychopathologic, nuclear, loco, aberrant, monomaniacal, hebephrenic, cranky, odd, sick, schizoid, lunatic, delusionary, possessed, demoniac, senseless, berserk, ballistic, wacky, frenzied, psychotic, manic-depressive, balmy, amuck, fey, disordered, brainsick, crackers, neurotic, psychopathic, hysterical, bananas, obsessed, deranged, delirious, mental, psychopathological, maniacal, bats, irrational, insane, idiotic, unbalanced, demoniacal, witless, moonstruck, loony, monomaniac, scatty, mad, psycho, maniac, loopy, crazy, distraught, kooky, oddball, ape, cuckoo, disturbed, round the bend, daffy, paranoiac, meshuga, barmy, whacky, around the bend, frantic, mentally ill, non compos mentis, amok, pixilated, maniclike, nuts, schizophrenic, certifiable, certified, fruity, nutty, screw-loose, screwy, mixed-up, potty, buggy, half-crazed, unhinged, crackpot, touched, raving mad, fixated, gaga, foolish, batty, haywire, eccentric, bonkers, strange, cracked, delusional, paranoid, of unsound mind, kookie, daft, raving, unsound, demented, unreasonable, depressed, crackbrained, wacko, unstable, bughouse, wild, crazed, despondent, distracted, dotty, off, obsessive-compulsive.

Examples of usage:

1) No sane person would believe that a farthing could lie for a whole week on the streets of Antrim. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) In the meantime he tried to keep himself sane by doing what he found to do. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I'll take them all until you're sane enough to know what you're doing. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.