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Spell check of sagacious

Correct spelling: sagacious

intellectual, witty, sage, provident, scholarly, canny, wise, gifted, penetrative, capable, academic, profound, levelheaded, balanced, clear-eyed, discerning, foresighted, erudite, clear-sighted, brainy, reason, penetrating, prescient, expert, farsighted, cogent, politic, sharp, authoritative, intuitive, astute, discriminating, clever, bright, sensible, sane, prognostic, judicious, sound, perspicacious, able, second-sighted, brilliant, forseeing, master, knowledgeable, knowing, well-grounded, intelligent, prophetic, sophisticated, perceptive, subtile, comprehending, prudent, encyclopedic, rational, philosophic, commonsensical, insightful, quick, well-founded, genius, keen, cunning, clairvoyant, adept, crafty, worldly, commonsensible, subtle, reasonable, sapient, shrewd, acute, smart.

futile, woodenheaded, undiscerning, dense, idiotic, unperceptive, ignorant, feebleminded, irrational, dumb, slow-witted, foolish, shallow, unwise, senseless, moronic, blind, brainless, thoughtless, stolid, witless, dull, undiscriminating, sottish, absurd, purblind, unintelligent, imbecile, slow, impolitic, obtuse, simple, silly.

Examples of usage:

1) Butler was far too sagacious a man not to perceive that war was inevitable, and too sturdy and patriotic not to resist it.

2) The sagacious animal immediately seized the young one with her trunk, and, though it groaned with agony, held it to the ground, while the surgeon was thus enabled to dress the wound. - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.

3) You cannot expect, like him, to have a sagacious horse to watch over you. - "Stories of Animal Sagacity", W.H.G. Kingston.