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Spell check of safe

Correct spelling: safe

solid, cabinet, estimable, dear, cache, upheld, conservative, in force, circumspect, steady, coin box, hayloft, careful, inviolable, scratch, grocery, benign, supervised, chary, treasure-house, off the hook, storeroom, trustworthy, coffer, hurtless, market, good, safely, begging bowl, regulated, refuge, bureau, thoughtful, watchful, protected, depot, pencil eraser, chest, OK, hoard, piggy bank, cautious, secure, untroubled, right, reliable, discreet, near, alert, caoutchouc, library, preventable, discriminatory, base hit, safety device, locker, defended, treasury, armory, storehouse, undercover, vault, archive, observant, preventative, sideboard, strong, arsenal, storage, guard, true, honorable, prophylactic, trustable, innocent, inoffensive, cupboard, invulnerable, unafraid, bin, larder, arctic, emporium, highboy, sound, noncontroversial, dresser, unsafe, competent, drum, shelf, tried, silo, gumshoe, risk-free, controllable, wary, adept, well, responsible, entrenched, full, unharmed, bank, till, snug, rubber, kitchen cabinet, out of danger, salutary, beneficial, politic, considerate, avoidable, skilful, cylinder, unhurt, heedful, rock-steady, solicitous, rubber eraser, buffet, riskless, supermarket, depository, sheltered, guarded, bladder, unadventurous, bursary, upright, saved, impregnable, brazier, store, desk, gum elastic, unspoilt, safety, escritoire, corncrib, skillful, honest, unattackable, diplomatic, mindful, calculable, preventive, warehouse, davenport, steady-going, unscathed, safe and sound, just, cuspidor, drawer, harmless, innocuous, stockpile, trusty, protective, all right, unspoiled, accumulation, effective, cellar, golosh, supported, tried-and-true, crate, ripe, closet, proficient, lowboy, judicious, granary, expert, uncontroversial, undecomposed, fail-safe, canister, immune, kitty, crib, buttery, treasure, unhazardous, unassailable, dependable, discretionary, prudent, white, chest of drawers, mart, commissary, sustained, gingerly, chiffonnier, dangerous, sure, lumberyard, galosh, respectable, cash box, repository, commode, uninjured, anodyne, strongbox, alright, practiced, preserved, serious, synthetic rubber, watched, in effect, casket.

jeopardizing, questionable, forgetful, indiscreet, hurt, bold, dodgy, hazardous, adventurous, disloyal, remiss, subject, polluted, unsafe, threatening, unprotected, mischievous, ominous, destructive, vulnerable, detrimental, damaging, susceptible, dubious, threatened, nocuous, chancy, unfaithful, venomous, exposed, inconstant, careless, retired, endangered, parlous, offensive, insecure, doubtable, touch-and-go, untried, disputable, false, heedless, breakneck, arguable, untruthful, dangerous, dicey, impetuous, deleterious, negligent, shady, wounding, on the hook, ill, fickle, undependable, imprudent, deadly, injured, painful, unmindful, controvertible, self-destructive, lying, undefended, perfidious, sinister, uncertain, adverse, bad, poisonous, evil, inconsiderate, absentminded, adventuresome, moot, untrustworthy, lax, thoughtless, minatory, prejudicial, open, asleep, untrue, doubtful, injurious, fishy, desperate, pernicious, violable, problematic, menacing, out, suspect, liable, regardless, inattentive, dishonest, disputed, debatable, unintentional, scathing, insidious, precarious, ruinous, damaged, controversial, faithless, scathed, unhealthy, hurtful, deceitful, suicidal, injudicious, unguarded, rash, neglectful, harmful, incautious, risky, inadvertent, imperiling, contestable, tainted, treacherous, debated, wounded, unplanned, wicked, noxious, fatal, venturesome, pestilent, hot-button, lethal, unsound, unreliable, imperiled, unconfirmed, reckless, nasty, mendacious, shaky, wild, perilous, malignant, baleful, harmed, mordacious, unwary, chanceful, traitorous, brash, recreant, unwholesome, baneful, noisome, unhealthful.

Examples of usage:

1) Then your brother is safe? - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) As safe as he ever was, Mr. President. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

3) We know they are safe with the One who loved little children; we know they are safe and waiting for us. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.