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Spell check of saber

Correct spelling: saber

claymore, cutlass, repeater, piece, flamethrower, trigger, weapon, swordplay, rapier, fencing, bilbo, knife, spear, Browning, battery, shell, fence, foil, longbow, Colt, bazooka, handgun, ammunition, cannon, scimitar, bow and arrow, luger, lance, blowpipe, blunderbuss, muzzle, mace, artillery, machete, peashooter, pike, mortar, ax, firearm, shotgun, club, boomerang, weaponry, javelin, rifle, stiletto, torpedo, armament, shooter, Sidewinder, missile, blowgun, dagger, arrow, bomber, Remington, musket, bullet, dirk, epee, fencer, heater, battleax, machine gun, catapult, Winchester, carbine, sword, sabre, ordnance, crossbow, howitzer, halberd, gun, swordsman, rocket, revolver, cavalry sword, swordsmanship, pistol, bayonet, broadsword.

Examples of usage:

1) The Confederate fire did fearful execution upon the Guard as it was crowded in the lane, but in a few seconds the lane was passed and the cavalry saber began doing its wild work. - "The Struggle for Missouri", John McElroy.

2) You cannot leave your saber to trifle. - "Signora Fantastici", Madame de Stael, translated by Frank J. Morlock.

3) And a whirlwind entrance took place, amid a jingling of spurs and saber. - "The Woman of Mystery", Maurice Leblanc.