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Spell check of rouse

Correct spelling: rouse

elicit, burden, bear down, fire, squirt, urge, wind up, drive, hinge upon, level, call down, drive out, invigorate, drive off, conjure, authorize, rout, activate, expel, clear out, force, give notice, foment, awareness, bill, campaign, expectorate, run off, excite, fight, enkindle, terminate, depend on, energise, trip out, switch on, evoke, depose, recharge, institutionalize, turn on, press, agitate, bring up, displace, consign, trip, stir, shake, rout out, crusade, rout up, point, eject, provoke, get off, sack, energize, fire up, force out, wake, come alive, call forth, give the sack, push, squeeze out, drive away, perk up, kindle, can, brace, evict, animate, enthuse, vex, ignite, stimulate, send, ride, arouse, chase away, awaken, empower, devolve on, spark, dispel, blame, shake up, commit, depend upon, gouge, charge, power, conjure up, heat, appoint, disturb, dismiss, enforce, commove, load, wake up, raise up, give the axe, inflame, revive, accuse, enliven, stir up, send away, awake, charge up, tear, turn back, shoot, strengthen, bestir, saddle, hinge on, buck, waken, put forward, raise, file, crowd out, lodge, shift, invoke, institutionalise, budge, command, shoot down.

cause to sleep, tranquillize, tranquillise, quieten, calm down, quiet, lull, calm, tranquilize, still.

Examples of usage:

1) He was worn out and anxious, and since all his thoughts were fixed upon the business that he had in hand, he could not rouse himself to act according to the manner expected of a lover who returns after a long absence. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) When she gets home the sight of the other children and the old place will rouse her. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.

3) But he is capable of being roused, and I rather fancy I shall manage to rouse him to- morrow. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.