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Spell check of roast

Correct spelling: roast

meat, mutton, cook, shout, flippancy, brisket, lamb chop, leg, heat, ground beef, indignity, joke, rib, insult, Canadian bacon, jesting, flank, rump, liver, fillet, denigrate, stick, humiliate, scoff, humiliation, poultry, fun, bacon, tripe, loin chop, roasted, chuck, parboil, rally, slap, cutlet, ham, scorn, pork, veal, shame, deprecation, swelter, grill, ridicule, sneering, fire, flesh, poke fun, bake, minute steak, chop, whang, ride, deprecate, braise, jest, juncture, whack, wiener, burn, articulation, spareribs, bottom round, mimic, top round, barbecue, bash, fry, score, toast, tenderloin, rag, contempt, venison, laugh at, crown, scourge, rip into, derision, junction, hot dog, broil, hot, lamb, poach, roast beef, meat pie, scarify, lash, boil, irony, blister, warm, simmer, excoriate, clapperclaw, stew, join, praise, singe, sear, burlesque, slam, marijuana cigarette, taunt, frankfurter, scathe, jive, guy, knock, articulatio, beef, disgrace, sirloin, quip, mock, spliff, abuse, blackguard, mockery, jest at, knocking, kidney, belt, kid, deride, bang, gibe, hamburger, cooked, scorch, caricature, smoked sausage, travesty, irreverence, smash, meat loaf, chicken, rap, flay, sneer, char, make fun, sausage, chaff, slash, josh, parch, jeer, drub, scald, denigration, porterhouse steak, turkey, razz.


Examples of usage:

1) " Well," says mine host, " you will certainly take some roast pork?" - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

2) Then you will take some of the roast chicken? - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) And there was no roast meat in Bath that day. - "England in the Days of Old", William Andrews.