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Spell check of righteous

Correct spelling: righteous

harmless, first-rate, spotless, conscientious, valorous, religious, wonderful, corrupt, banner, sanctimonious, stellar, philanthropic, heavenly, fabulous, creditable, guiltless, quality, swell, capital, five-star, terrific, dynamite, down, cracking, immaculate, devout, law-abiding, right-minded, keen, prime, top-shelf, jim-dandy, egotistic, dandy, meritorious, faithful, inoffensive, top-flight, out-of-sight, faultless, true, innocent, lovely, mean, straight, spiritual, high-class, bonny, fervent, just, sensational, A1, marvelous, punctilious, devoted, gangbusters, scrupulous, estimable, peerless, commendable, nifty, stainless, prizewinning, unsurpassed, gone, honest, superlative, prize, hypocritical, strict, fab, dutiful, untarnished, right, all right, zealous, divine, impartial, hot, fantabulous, numero uno, groovy, boffo, top, phat, high-minded, frontline, irreproachable, brave, exemplary, pious, wizard, upstanding, irreligious, gilt-edged, decent, beautiful, primo, sinless, reverential, unimpeachable, classic, radical, brag, clear, godly, noble, unspotted, blue-ribbon, peachy, sterling, upright, straight-shooting, godlike, angelic, respectable, laudable, bully, slick, worthy, grand, stand-up, top-of-the-line, innocuous, clean, hype, superb, first-class, angelical, first-string, reliable, principled, good, tip-top, choice, supernal, topping, bumper, superior, blameless, four-star, deserving, boss, ethical, cool, rightful, awesome, saintly, nice, honorable, devotional, self-righteous, guileless, rigid, virtuous, sinful, proper, uncorrupted, par excellence, corking, fine, equitable, neat, forthright, innoxious, praiseworthy, trustworthy, charitable, unsullied, blue-chip, crackerjack, number one, immense, splendid, incorruptible, peachy keen, goodhearted, bang-up, famous, fair, top-notch, A-OK, reverent, pure, heroic, moral, fantastic, holy, great, sound, impious.

decadent, indecent, reprehensible, terrible, improper, degenerate, scoundrelly, dissipated, evil-minded, indecorous, base, wrong, perverted, disgraceful, unsatisfactory, unprincipled, inferior, rotten, unfair, erring, awful, rascally, lousy, execrable, censurable, vile, unbecoming, corrupt, wicked, offensive, low, loose, unworthy, blamable, debased, dissolute, substandard, demoralized, roguish, ignoble, second-rate, sinful, libertine, depraved, knavish, reprobate, mediocre, immoral, dishonest, pathetic, dishonorable, degraded, unscrupulous, wretched, vicious, shameful, atrocious, iniquitous, low-grade, culpable, mean, unrighteous, unjust, profligate, blameworthy, nefarious, disreputable, second-class, evil, incorrect, criminal, unholy, objectionable, crooked, venal, unseemly, bad, errant, middling, poor, debauched, infamous, naughty, villainous, unethical, black, perverse, fallen, blackguardly.

Examples of usage:

1) The Emancipation Act has been far from giving him the land or the liberty he looked for, but he believes- and nothing will shake him out of the belief- that the Emancipation Law which the Czar actually decreed was a righteous law that would have met all the people's wishes and claims, but that this law has been altered seriously to their disadvantage, under the influence of the nobility, in the process of carrying it into execution. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) The righteous are as a tree planted by the rivers of water, whose leaf is always green. - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.

3) 15;" on the left hand side this text appears:-" The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much- James V., xvi. - "England in the Days of Old", William Andrews.