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Spell check of riffle

Correct spelling: riffle

interchange, guggle, burble, flick, tack, ruffle, flip over, investigate, turn over, snap, mix, throw, cockle, pitch, flap, rippling, run down, ruffle up, bubble, dip into, knit, sky, ripple, tittup, flip-flop, thumb, crumple, prance, gurgle, fluff, jumble, twitch, scan, look through, switch, click, flip out, scramble, rumple, toss, order, glance at, swagger, flicker, flip, flick through, riff, strut, alternate, hitch, hitchhike, pleat, wavelet, skim, sashay, words, wave, shuffle, finger, glance, undulate, change, mess up, leaf, pucker, babble, roll, flip through, browse, look at, run through.

pore, study.

Examples of usage:

1) Riffle appeared round the corner of the stoep. - "Antony Gray,--Gardener", Leslie Moore.

2) Midnight struck in the town; in the house, the small clocks shrilly rang out twelve; the watchman beat with a riffle of taps on the board. - "A Nobleman's Nest", Ivan Turgenieff.

3) Just watch me take this little riffle. - "The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies", Ralph Connor.