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Spell check of rich

Correct spelling: rich

embellished, profuse, tuneful, flamboyant, exorbitant, the glitterati, ample, fertilize, bulging, bright, intriguing, burgher, abounding, lusty, fecund, full-bodied, breeding, mysterious, dense, deep-pocketed, sonorous, fascinating, sizeable, cryptical, irreplaceable, rich people, humorous, stained, high-toned, racy, rococo, complete, dyed, intense, high-sounding, tinted, prosperous, two-cycle, grand, high-priced, treasured, crispy, chewy, superb, outrageous, prized, silk-stocking, high-class, tasteful, expensive, horsepower, big, elegant, inflated, bright-hued, fertiliser, fat, easy, invaluable, strange, prolific, thought-provoking, savory, soft, liter, spellbinding, baroque, fructuous, oversold, bloated, thriving, premium, vivid, dear, colourful, bombastic, swell, lofty, precious, delicious, swanky, liberal, congested, blue, ritzy, sidesplitting, amusing, chilled, ponderous, colors, droll, exuberant, lucullan, jammed, cornucopian, filling, bountiful, posh, voluminous, luxuriant, absurd, prosperity, busy, princely, crowded, harmonious, unfruitful, newsworthy, risque, spicy, cool, adequate, sumptuous, well-endowed, select, gilded, uneconomical, engine, recondite, flush, laughter, oily, large, chic, muscular, plentiful, thick, fat-cat, well-heeled, generous, fortunate, mystifying, alive, abstruse, flooded, stylish, rhetorical, dowager, odd, deep, chromatic, luxurious, poverty-stricken, colored, antique, cheap, grandiloquent, fertilization, extravagant, concentrated, ludicrous, full, plenteous, magnificent, replete, brilliant, funny, buttery, satisfying, the haves, sterile, high-colored, overboard, abundant, voluble, generative, resplendent, succulent, potent, juicy, opulent, packed, overpriced, sharp, desertification, musical, vibrant, florid, plush, Brahmin, loud, copious, farcical, deluxe, hilarious, foul, fatty, painted, heady, rainbow-like, hued, compost, naughty, gripping, sweet, luscious, comfortable, fancy, garish, entertaining, robust, priceless, unreasonable, piquant, crisp, palatial, colorful, lush, exciting, prodigal, ridiculous, productive, showy, foolish, smart, brat pack, preposterous, exclusive, lively, melodic, original, billionaire, light, lilting, bass, yielding, inscrutable, eloquent, valuable, calorific, ingestion, flowery, overflowing, bearing, gilt-edged, sufficient, gamy, swank, classy, full-colored, throttle, the jet set, comical, shaded, feed, mellifluous, well-situated, fruitful, spectral, caramelized, sizable, moneyed, elaborate, profitable, lavish, strong, fertile, highfalutin, splendid, mellow, splashy, teeming, millionaire, fertilise, wealthy, cramped, well-fixed, combustible, lurid, fertility, inky, turbine, incongruous, tony, plushy, comfortably off, ornate, plain, gorgeous, costly, pricey, snazzy, interesting, affluent, well-to-do, heavy, poor, gaudy, diverting, loaded, cryptic, drive, well-off, gamey, enough, cream, bounteous, melodious.

slummy, bust, exhausted, dead, reduced, sparing, indebted, insufficient, necessitous, penurious, needy, scanty, underprivileged, deprived, scrimped, stone-broke, unseasoned, lean, penniless, simple, wholesome, short, skint, diluted, plain, infertile, poor, straitened, indigent, drained, slimming, mean, light, sparse, lite, stingy, barren, resourceless, weakened, mild, nonfat, colorless, worthless, meager, destitute, impoverished, scarce, insolvent, deficient, depressed, pinched, bankrupt, watery, pauperized, unfertile, unprovided for, nonfattening, dilute, beggarly, natural, disadvantaged, skimp, hard up, colourless, stony-broke, watered-down, tasteless, in straitened circumstances, low, impecunious, beggared, poverty-stricken, hand-to-mouth, weak, small, skimpy, spare, moneyless, thin, broke, niggardly, inadequate, ruined, delicate, unproductive, unfruitful, bankrupted, narrow, miserly, scant, sterile, thinned, diet.

Examples of usage:

1) The poor are better judges of character than the rich. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) With the Lord there is neither rich nor poor, Anna. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Maybe ye'll get rich an' forget. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.