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Spell check of revitalized

Correct spelling: revitalized

revitalised, revived.

unrenewed, unrevived.

Examples of usage:

1) For this reason, I have determined that the Selective Service System must now be revitalized. - "State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter", Jimmy Carter.

2) Vat- grown hearts and kidneys, revitalized vascular material, building up new organ systems like a patchwork quilt, coaxing new tissues to grow to replace old ones- but they got a living dog out of it, and that dog lived to the ripe old age of 37 years before he died." - "Martyr", Alan Edward Nourse.

3) The Great Awakening created the Separatist movement and the New Light party, revitalized the Established churches, invigorated others, and through the persecution and counter- persecution that the great schism produced, taught the Connecticut people more and more of religious tolerance, and so brought them nearer to the dawn of religious liberty. - "The Development of Religious Liberty in Connecticut", M. Louise Greene, Ph. D..