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Spell check of restrict

Correct spelling: restrict

dress, detain, paralyze, bound, cut back, lop, hamstring, bar, measure up, impede, border, ensnare, obstruct, regulate, determine, narrow, circumscribe, oblige, jump, decrease, engage, snip, oppose, shorten, plug, set, throttle, intimidate, cure, hinder, quarantine, frustrate, increase, interrupt, take a hop, counter, secure, crimp, subdue, trap, assign, surround, stamp down, cumber, burden, resist, preclude, stipulate, define, reduce, bind, shut away, disallow, hold, check, snag, terminate, ban, curtail, entangle, reject, drag, choke, delimit, pen in, curb, restrain, compel, leap, dispose, clip, tangle, impair, trim down, keep, fasten, extend, characterize, limit, encumber, constrain, forbid, delay, complicate, brake, resile, congest, bring down, tether, dam, encircle, oppress, mire, control, outlaw, confine, suppress, tie, qualify, recoil, conquer, cut short, disqualify, prohibit, characterise, crop, bottleneck, flash back, fix, contain, cut down, hold in, bridle, constrict, condition, cramp, cripple, contract, demarcate, cap, hamper, collar, trim, edge, strangle, trammel, inhibit, stop, fetter, specify, temper, reverberate, limited, imprison, deny, catch, end, block, strangulate, moderate, spring, entrap, snare, lock in, disapprove, jam, leash, snarl, bung, stay, cut, shut in, clog, hold down, handicap, shackle, thwart, rebound, rim, constipate, prevent, diminish, refuse, deter, modify, foul, prune, enclose, ricochet, baffle, hold back, bounce, keep down, trim back, keep back.

expand, set free, loose, exceed, overreach, broaden, overextend, derestrict, unloose, widen, unfasten, unbind, free, untie.

Examples of usage:

1) Everywhere action has been taken to prohibit or restrict the use of the once universally respected and universally dominant rod. - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.

2) In any event, Chard's information was that an important 'five- year- plan' of the association made it necessary to restrict him for that length of time. - "Gone Fishing", James H. Schmitz.

3) To restrict the franchise in any respect is to prepare the way for some future usurpation of the rights of the sovereign people. - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.