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Spell check of respect

Correct spelling: respect

reverence, sentiment, heed, evaluate, extol, accept, fealty, watch over, obey, keep an eye on, acknowledge, compliance, veneration, cultism, wonder, felicitations, submissiveness, genuflection, applaud, mention, regard as, take note, knuckle under, celebrate, bend, revere, deification, adherence, find, regard, venerate, affirmation, devote, rate, obligingness, respects, follow, wish, devoutness, reward, watch, acceptance, willingness, reference, submission, awe, cede, adore, pray, treasure, consent, comply, fulfillment, prize, quality, boy, appreciation, account, friendship, peculiarity, worship, agree, conformance, assess, admiration, factor, admire, adoration, brownie points, exalt, commendations, approve, keep to, greetings, concurrence, agreement, think of, hero-worship, observance, concur, obeisance, yield, ardor, succumb, enjoy, look up to, appreciate, idolization, gaze, duty, attachment, feeling, compliment, resignation, cave, honor, compliments, tenderness, respectfulness, delight in, adhere, credit, esteem, obedience, notice, repute, praise, bow down to, prise, idolize, adhere to, bow, regards, abide by, capitulation, keep, ardency, passion, fulfill, appraise, valuate, faithfulness, conform, value, measure, congratulations, assent, deify, defer to, lever, property, well done, note, exaltation, love, maintain, acquiesce, conformity, religion, compliancy, meekness, servility, paying attention, genuflect, piety, nature, recognize, warmth, dignify, facet, estimation, acquiescence, attentiveness, devotion, complaisance, take to be, remark, fondness, look upon, look on, jimmy, feature, deference, detect, honour, homage, discover, observe, kowtow, pry, recognition, affection, bravo, favor, consider, surrender, component, aspect, submit, liking, romance, cherish, acclaim, capitulate, prayer, defer.

discontent, aversion, disgust, contempt, detest, disenchantment, repugnance, taunt, hate, abominate, disfavor, abomination, disdain, hatred, gibe, displeasure, disappointment, disillusionment, disapproval, antipathy, despise, dissatisfaction, disliking, condemnation, indignation, disesteem, opprobrium, disrespect, deprecation, loathing, distaste, abhor, repulsion, insult, revulsion, disregard, put-down, disinclination, dig, ridicule, scorn, execrate, contemn, dislike, disgruntlement, nausea, detestation, unhappiness.

Examples of usage:

1) She couldn't love a man she couldn't respect- no woman could. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) I came alone to your house this morning, because, though I knew that you were a bad man, I believed that I would be received and treated with proper respect. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) We never lose our respect for her. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.