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Spell check of reserve

Correct spelling: reserve

charge, secondary, guest, qualify, adjudge, take into account, fee, recant, carbon trading, check, formality, reliever, reserved, harbor, ballplayer, confine, uncommunicativeness, cache, center forward, reservation, nest egg, timidity, give up, conquer, battery, harbour, restraint, park, blank, withhold, saved, modestness, moderate, kept, late checkout, advance guard, mitigate, have got, bill, caution, unneeded, go for, boy, expense, control, contingent, passive, agonizing, increase, spare, suppress, ready, deem, replacement, check in, engage, supplementary, book, booking, let, stock, bale, apply, temper, halt, countenance, pinch hitter, club, bank, store up, discipline, backlog, refrainment, means, withheld, view as, concur, outlay, capture, allow, detail, neutral, clean up, company, hinder, remoteness, command, sanctuary, save, preserve, withdraw, repression, in stock, expedients, bashfulness, declare, demureness, prevent, earmark, doubt, agonized, mental reservation, brigade, agglomeration, arrest, nonoperational, admit, cost, designated hitter, emergency, check into, price, all-American, carbon-neutral, self-restraint, in store, bear, allow for, arriere pensee, retain, restrained, detachment, cover, defy, unnecessary, cavalry, qualification, hoard, throw, collect, inhibition, limit, wherewithal, waiting, entertain, appropriate, coyness, insurance, torn, hold back, constraint, extra, book in, carbon sink, get, resources, modify, standby, indecisive, assortment, biological control, carry, maintain, stockpile, suspend, backwardness, undemonstrative, except, corps, blue, irresolute, store, nurse, concord, supply, supplemental, support, obtain, auxiliary, modesty, aloofness, capital, take, battalion, check out, tolerate, keep, discretion, relief, stock in trade, set-aside, make, impassive, have, self-control, center, conserve, unresponsiveness, permit, sub, defend, prevail, clean, assemblage, stand-in, arsenal, distrust, controlled, seize, coldness, accommodate, worth, hold up, fill-in, alternate, savings, obligate, patron, conference, batch, hold in, give, provide, the carbon cycle, military reserve, backup man, shyness, withdrawn, assembly, uncertainty, inactive, biohazard, locum tenens, undecided, catalytic converter, reticence, biodegradable, restrain, take for, scepticism, guard, bind, indecision, contain, revenue, wealth, backup, taciturnity, agree, emotionless, self-command, leave, continence, diffidence, back, withstand, substitute, oblige, refuge, backfield, unemotional, take hold, keep back, suppression, stipulate, offer, assets, unresponsive, bevy, question, homestay, bookable, retract, sustain, hold, grant, curb, revoke, unobtrusiveness, recall, rate, bespeak.

confidence, frankness, sauciness, egotism, archetype, pertness, haughtiness, incontinence, indulgence, bluntness, boldness, loquacity, immoderacy, loquaciousness, abandon, intemperance, gratification, conceit, assumption, unconstraint, original, freedom, arrogance, self-conceit, overindulgence, unrestrainedness, forwardness, self-indulgence, uninhibitedness, candor, assurance, sociability, indiscretion, impudence, prototype, self-sufficiency.

Examples of usage:

1) We keep a reserve sufficient to take the launch over to Cuyo or to Romblon. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) You have never seen my reserve strength in action; if a possibility of being separated from you should present itself, I imagine I should greatly surprise my enemies. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) No one came to disturb her; she was a stranger in this society, and besides there was a certain expression of grave reserve in her countenance which did not encourage new acquaintances. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.