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Spell check of reprobate

Correct spelling: reprobate

sick, heel, distorted, jackleg, public enemy number one, slob, condemn, knave, castigate, unprincipled, unregenerate, scoundrel, vile, correct, wrong, backslider, swine, hog, blackguard, miscreant, degenerate, traitor, Godforsaken, obstinate, virtuous, worthless, horror, good, accursed, perverse, base, censure, lecher, blasphemous, right, excoriate, rogue, profligate, scamp, debauched, slattern, loudmouth, shyster, immoral, demoralized, bad guy, pervert, malevolent, malingerer, despicable, villain, loose, public nuisance, denounce, iniquitous, perverted, misrepresented, chastise, vicious, corrupt, dissipated, decadent, criminal, pig, vermin, chasten, kinky, know-all, warped, moral, sentence, rakehell, lewd, debased, diabolical, twisted, sinful, creep, rapscallion, convict, repellent, peccant, rascal, unclean, depraved, damned, degraded, libertine, reprove, honest, chafe, contrary, bad, decry, objurgate, evil, disreputable, wayward, dissolute, wicked, jezebel, black, unwholesome, cursed, doom, yob, blame, rakish.

ethical, approbate, applaud, good, approve, principled, acquit, incorruptible, exonerate, uncorrupt, pure, pardon, moral, uncorrupted, absolve, righteous, virtuous, praise, justify, incorrupt, honest.

Examples of usage:

1) He would have thought himself a stark reprobate if it had.

2) To suggest that the great dreamer was not a reprobate in his youth, and thus spoil the contrast between his converted and unconverted life, was a perilous act on Lord Macaulay's part.

3) In whose eyes a reprobate is despised; But he honoureth them that fear the Lord.