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Spell check of rally

Correct spelling: rally

Daytona Beach, work over, irritate, ricochet, depend upon, appointment, rebound, reproof, restore, fool, center, go on, retrieve, cockpit, slang, duel, asymptote, recuperation, growth, fight off, depend on, essence, go up, healing, commutation, nark, revive, strengthen, funnel, put one over, delivery, resuscitate, represent, cross, spurt, intersection, hub, come up, focus, mobilise, lambast, polestar, bottleneck, dupe, recharge, frustrate, gravel, invigorate, put one across, ascend, soar, core, turn on, get to, chafe, audioconferencing, refresh, scold, magnet, remember, take in, gather, corner, double, vex, marrow, divert, berate, muster, stimulate, drive, arise, ring, call down, take up, rehab, nettle, circulate, bound, conclave, telephone, annoy, telephone exchange, annual meeting, ball, lecture, bawl out, speak up for, spirit, perk up, line up, call on the carpet, think, come on, spring, race, reinvigorate, scrape, AGM, converge, checkered flag, Grand Prix, crux, ride, add to, rag, chew out, grid, rise, forum, pester, organize, crucify, chew up, intersect, recoup, beleaguer, tease, bedevil, mount, epitome, support, marshaling, interchange, autocross, befool, get at, rise up, come, substitution, call up, improve, summons, cite, tantalise, tantalize, escalate, hinge on, twit, sit, mass meeting, backhand, chide, mend, summon, surface, crossing, shake, beat-up, upsurge, mending, agree with, torment, find, fluff, bother, health, lodestar, razz, soul, blast, dress down, taunt, hinge upon, get hold, explosion, play, dun, card, chip, call, face, upswing, recollect, jaw, crash helmet, comeback, colloquium, leap, reprimand, convalesce, dribble, rendezvous, call back, come around, recovery, mobilization, step up, contest, endorse, heal, devolve on, resile, recall, exhilarate, nucleus, heart, marshal, axle, loosen, respond, rile, tease apart, exchange, gathering, enter, uprise, move, cod, back, beat, pull through, sympathize, surge, promote, freshen, recover, assembly, align, meet, audience, scratch, gull, badger, remonstrate, muster up, catch, recuperate, snapback, gain, lift, move up, dragster, auto racing, reverberate, kernel, enliven, recoil, lambaste, trounce, bug, demo, bob up, rehabilitation, demonstration, drum up, dive, rejuvenate, central, plenum, nurse, meat, rallying, jump, bounce, renew, scrape up, drag race, briefing, bait, bring forward, phone, put on, lure, have words, raise, take a hop, increase, get behind, rebuke, caucus, multiply, survive, mobilize, ally.

deterioration, decline, demobilize, regression, failing, languishing, worsening, degeneration, withering, wilting, wasting, fading, demobilise, sinking, weakening, inactivate, relapse.

Examples of usage:

1) It turns out that he and a few others were at the bottom of the late rally, which, however, only made things worse for them. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) Dil seemed to rally before the doctor came. - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.

3) The rapid advance of our men below the farther slopes of the ridge and the rush forward of our guns made it impossible for him to rally his supporting troops quickly, and as the hours pass it becomes more impossible for him to storm his way back. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.