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Spell check of raisin

Correct spelling: raisin

lavender, tamarind, pineapple, violet, orange, gooseberry, purple, currant, papaya, nectarine, olive, banana, solferino, peach, strawberry, prune, cantaloupe, mango, avocado, Burgundy, loganberry, citron, berry, heliotrope, blackberry, guava, grapefruit, damson, magenta, hyacinth, lilac, casaba melon, livid, pansy, raspberry, mulberry, apricot, watermelon, fruit, date, plum, mauve, blueberry, lime, tangerine, lemon, pear, fig, quince, cherry, orchid, melon, grape, apple, pomegranate.

Examples of usage:

1) " Miss Starkweather," said the young fellow steadily, " I certainly did sell this place to your father, and if I told him anything about the vineyard I most certainly told him they were raisin- grapes; and upon my soul I thought they were. - "Stories of the Foot-hills", Margaret Collier Graham.

2) Yes; I'm going over to Bassett's raisin- camp to pick grapes. - "Stories of the Foot-hills", Margaret Collier Graham.

3) He ate another raisin. - "The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys", Gulielma Zollinger.