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Spell check of raise

Correct spelling: raise

foment, elevator, push on, inflate, dismiss, starvation wages, create, uptick, arise, fuel, custodial, fig out, move on, earnings, fire, open fire, rag, ascension, come on, put in, stomach, wind, boost, cash in, beset, climb, rise, chivvy, mounting, mount, rhytidoplasty, bring on, terminate, berate, mention, heighten, suffer, mature, fancy up, get along, educe, reverse, step-up, essay, uplift, touch on, levitate, project, raising, uprise, propagate, supercharge, elicit, heaving, increase, make, trick up, chew out, grow, launch, get up, care for, can, pay, snarf, keel over, bring forth, refer, try, drum, prefer, prove, hiking, call forth, mug up, move up, lay out, see, reproof, burgeon, give the axe, adjure, have words, shape up, overdress, performance-related pay, ready, conspire, turn out, introduce, try out, pose, earn, send away, awake, come along, entrap, machinate, allude to, effectuate, fix, angle, pick up, corn, straighten up, provide, wage hike, abstract, go off, pinch, kick upstairs, spin, addition, bring up, have, cash crop, hoist, rescind, roll, lengthen, get, tog out, entreat, leaven, overturn, wage increase, ask, rig, throw out, nourish, rear, annul, inflame, submit, bring forward, organise, combine, up, frame, knock up, collect, budge, cram, magnify, put, shew, bring out, scuttle, testify, shift, harass, boot, ascending, bear witness, fatten, demonstrate, put up, living, optimization, march on, shake up, contribute, encourage, come up, advert, draw, bone, set ahead, uprear, brook, organize, offer, intensify, nip and tuck, kick up, estimate, rebuke, procession, stimulate, expand, take up, tolerate, dress up, augmentation, retch, piece, rouse, increment, suggest, countermand, advertize, salvage, chevvy, bawl out, establish, acquire, work up, swot, parent, name, further, plague, tack together, trounce, prink, call on the carpet, originate, fig up, hike, plagiarise, wage, stand up, get ahead, pull ahead, energize, win, put together, emanation, stir, complot, call, more, evidence, arouse, devise, nominate, add up, enlarge, cabbage, income, nurture, burn down, rise up, scold, kindle, examine, jump, affect, show, tip up, advance, found, attire, deal, foster, chew up, moot, repeal, awaken, turn on, assist, purloin, founder, chevy, prepare, salary increase, harry, help, promote, rustle, sack, rig out, ski lift, deck up, cosmetic surgery, wreck, state, broaden, throw up, arable, tack, lift, invoke, gain, give rise, reproduction, go up, excite, face lifting, ignite, provoke, grind away, levy, rising slope, wake, chide, add, burn, enter, conflagrate, pass on, resurrect, crop, remedy, farm, hook, enhance, shake, beseech, revitalize, sharpen, cost increase, reboot, sit up, pitch, ascent, elevate, impose, endure, loft, recruit, inspire, enrich, soar, build, add to, revoke, house, heave, remonstrate, cite, compound, proliferation, jack, domiciliate, set up, airlift, improve, support, swipe, progress, install, wake up, escalate, accrue, hothouse, digest, maturate, facelift, inscribe, shuffle, minimum wage, perk up, construct, reinforce, forward, bear, turn up, plagiarize, advertise, multiply, addendum, produce, assess, count, give notice, appropriate, recover, enkindle, arrange, enrol, gussy up, press, cabal, ascend, make headway, double, filch, upgrade, compute, broach, set, cultivated, the empty nest, ensnare, start, salary, bone up, turn, post, rein, call down, assert, discharge, draw out, reprimand, promotion, pilfer, lead, revive, rising, sneak, effect, lecture, hassle, elevation, ski tow, wind up, put forward, maximize, enroll, shipwreck, lambaste, go on, jaw, determine, acclivity, monetize, tilt, instal, brace, agitate, custody, dress down, stand, plus, augment, shipwrecked, get on, gear up, uphold, appeal, expansion, potty-train, cut, displace, bring about, face-lift, accrual, accretion, improve on, exalt, gain ground, deck out, push, give the sack, rhytidectomy, bid, urge on, widen, extend, sustain, crop circle, energise, crop rotation, order, cultivate, vacate, conjure, put forth, tell of, correct, force out, stick out, waken, evoke, climbing, pass, upraise, paint a picture, erect, spring up, aid, extract, deepen, amplify, come alive, aerodynamic lift, scupper, lambast, touch, abide, test, reckon, supplement, develop, breed, calculate, tin, horizontal, chivy, tog up, conjure up, trick out, assemble, adjust, claim back, note, nobble, posit, swot up.

diminution, abatement, kick downstairs, decrease, fall, descent, shrinkage, demote, break, bring down, dismantle, step-down, rase, bump, pull down, take down, falloff, declination, relegate, subtraction, loss, decrement, level, decline, downslope, lowering, deduction, raze, reduction, declension, let down, tear down, lessening, depletion, drop-off, lower, get down, declivity, diminishment.

Examples of usage:

1) The cruel Gebhr would not now have dared to raise his hand against her. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) But I did not raise my hands from my sides. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Raise your right hand. - "Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis", Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma.