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Spell check of raft

Correct spelling: raft

heap, cruiser, fix, freshet, kettle of fish, big bucks, gobs, sight, luck, rush, draw, cumulus, submarine, push-down list, bulk carrier, tugboat, hoi polloi, quid, gondola, lashings, grass, crapper, potty, cabin cruiser, barrel, cutter, lifeboat, loads, passel, yard, hydrofoil, abundance, push-down store, spate, circumstances, view, barge, sens, reams, Aqualung, jackpot, masses, stool, mickle, scull, trawler, canoe, business deal, cumulation, visual modality, liner, yacht, canal boat, fishing boat, stack, hundred, corporation, can, bargain, bulk, muss, push-down storage, mount, sheaf, surge, speedboat, spile, bowser, voltaic pile, quantity, hulk, potbelly, paddle boat, plentifulness, poolside, dozen, battleship, dugout, scow, lane, flock, plenteousness, smoke, survey, quite a little, dory, upsurge, boat, muddle, portion, schooner, bark, profusion, bateau, big money, pile, flowerpot, mass, fate, diving board, band, atomic pile, agglomerate, truckload, boatload, weed, galley, sampan, trade, lighter, commode, mess hall, vision, softwood, fold, ton, carload, plug, mint, sailboat, mussiness, infinity pool, merchantman, deal, push-down stack, jam, chunk, set, circle, visual sense, multiplicity, ship, tidy sum, atomic reactor, caboodle, great deal, galvanic pile, tummy, myriad, catamaran, gunboat, gage, cargo boat, watercraft, chain reactor, shipload, float, bus, motorboat, vessel, basketful, frigate, locoweed, chaw, fistful, good deal, throne, store, jalopy, fortune, balsa, skunk, pool, bundle, potful, cud, megabucks, bushel, coracle, hand, ferry, aircraft carrier, diving bell, plateful, people, life raft, cockleshell, wealth, bucket, whole slew, stilt, potentiometer, mess, plenty, muckle, houseboat, freighter, much, destiny, icebreaker, piling, lot, scads, kayak, smokestack, clutch, slew, ocean liner, nap, pickle, longboat, mint candy, dinghy, messiness, sess, bathhouse, carrier, whole lot, mound, batch, plentitude, hatful, volume, ken, rowboat, troop, length, green goddess, bay window, pack, plenitude, tanker, oodles, down, wad, mountain, kitty, chew, pontoon, bunch, peck, steamboat, destroyer, multitude, skiff.

granule, deficiency, nip, poverty, dearth, undersupply, grain, lick, meagerness, touch, scarcity, sprinkle, shade, piece, smattering, jot, particle, smatter, little, ounce, suspicion, bit, famine, fragment, dab, scintilla, trace, sprinkling, dot, flyspeck, iota, atom, pinch, crumb, smidgen, handful, taste, ace, inadequacy, shot, morsel, whit, ray, molecule, driblet, scarceness, nubbin, peanuts, drop, insufficiency, tad, lack, skimpiness, mouthful, shortage, pittance, scrap, scruple, dash, speck, mote, shadow, section, dram, fleck, mite, strain, deficit, modicum, portion, scantness, tittle, scantiness, spot, absence, glimmer, want, hint, shred, streak, paucity.

Examples of usage:

1) Bartlett's igloo was moving east on the ice raft, which had broken, and beyond it, as far as the belching fog from the lead would let us see, there was nothing but black water. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Two men were in it, and we made fast to it till they cleared the fish out of the net, and we took them in a matting bag on to our raft, where the water washed over them, and we took them ashore. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

3) How's a woman to live with a great raft of young ones to support, I'd like to know? - "In Wild Rose Time", Amanda M. Douglas.