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Spell check of quit

Correct spelling: quit

sidetrack, paused, deserted, surrendered, square, allow, abdicated, evacuate, digress, vacate, stopped, forsaken, belay, go away, drop, abandon, halted, chuck up the sponge, break, forsook, flee, broke, come away, rid, stayed, forego, pay, release, evacuated, terminated, disown, quits, retract, start out, part, step-down, desist, shut, take off, recant, enrollment, bar, barricade, withdrew, kibosh, inject, cease, turn back, desert, abdicate, attendance, throw overboard, arrest, interrupt, get off, dispense with, block off, set out, refrained, knock off, discontinue, hold back, parted, walk out, decamp, set forth, left, fled, defected, check, decamped, waive, depart from, move on, bear, surcease, end, diverge, abjure, behave, abandoned, culminate, give notice, terminate, stay, cede, embark, cut out, discontinued, approach, swear off, suspended, repudiate, exit, defect, retire, block up, shed, remitted, audit, desisted, part with, exited, submit, blockade, go, given up, forfeit, take leave, ended, stop over, furlough, interpose, demean, free, hold on, suspend, unburdened, leave office, comport, split, embarked, culminated, keep, do, deport, surrender, put in, throw-in, relinquish, contain, remit, absence, even, interject, spare, cast off, closed, get away, come in, went, let go, leave off, halt, throw over, forswear, shove off, resigned, forsake, weaken, foreswear, board, pull up stakes, broken, pull out, push off, deviate, let go of, throw in the towel, set off, depart, withdraw, leave, capitulate, drop by the wayside, de-escalate, disclaim, run, finish, refrain, reconcile, acquit, drop out, block, stall, departed, disencumbered, gone, kick, break off, gave up, demit, absenteeism, carry, pause, enroll, fall by the wayside, start, blow, be, vacated, interrupted, relinquished, ceased, entrance, straggle, resign, continue, draw out, stop, renounce, close, forgo, dropped, intercept, attend, give up, act, lay off, withdrawn, vary, deliver.

court, adopt, hold, hobbled, enter, prosecute, uphold, retain, defend, keep, bear on, continue, haunt, encumbered, hindered, take office, maintain, cherish, assert, carry on, occupy, seek, vindicate, advocate, favor, stay, claim, pursue, preserve, support, undertake, handicapped, participate, protect.

Examples of usage:

1) You'd better quit this damned nonsense and say what you'll take and what you'll swear to. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) The mother, and the members of her family, quit what had been the Rectory, and seek a new home. - "A Key to Lord Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'", Alfred Gatty.

3) If you take him the right way, Mrs. Fleetwood, the chances are he'll quit drinking. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.