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Spell check of quagmire

Correct spelling: quagmire

slop, battle, tanglement, corner, scrape, deep water, trap, difficulty, quag, muskeg, bind, sticky wicket, fix, rabbit hole, quandary, slack water, box, fen, trouble, falloff, jam, falling off, easy, catch-22, quicksand, snare, dilemma, jackpot, plight, fenland, dry, rattrap, net, flats, entanglement, swampland, spot, stress, Dutch, marshland, wetland, hot water, bottoms, soup, glade, perplexity, tragedy, ordeal, hot spot, toil, mudflats, mire, drop-off, impasse, predicament, slough, pickle, mh, morass, slack, nightmare, swamp, slackness, slump, bog, noose, crisis, marsh.

Examples of usage:

1) Through the blinding blizzard of snow, the English and Irish troops attacked this hill above the River Souchez, and had to cross through a quagmire, so that numbers of them stuck up to the waist and could go neither forward nor backward, while they were swept by machine- gun and rifle fire. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.

2) In and between them is a quagmire. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.

3) I have been thirty years on the Street and have watched the rise of half the firms about me, and in every single instance some one of the younger men- boys, many of them- has pulled the concern up and out of a quagmire and stood it on its feet. - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.