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Spell check of pullout

Correct spelling: pullout

advice column, biography, byline, disengagement, sectional, blook, detachment, retreat, recession, forward, fallback, announcement, concession, cheesecake, artwork, turnover, egress, atlas, foldaway, defeat, appeasement, vacation, withdrawal, bible, submission, article, classified ad, authority, comings and goings, exodus, feather, pullback, cartoon, freestanding, retirement, bestseller, banner headline, drain, centerfold, autobiography, padded, almanac, annual, RTA, discharge, folding, fold-out, surrender, anthology, queen-size, exit, departure.

advance, advancement.

Examples of usage:

1) Can this mean we're about to test out Henderson's" worst case" scenario, that Japanese pullout all the analysts say could never happen? - "The Samurai Strategy", Thomas Hoover.