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Spell check of publication

Correct spelling: publication

government issue, catalog, matter, record, circular, discovery, way out, handbook, number, promulgation, printing, ventilation, progeny, pamphlet, effect, takings, promotion, payoff, notification, report, review, periodical, log, verse, libretto, serial, handbill, consequence, compendium, insert, event, writing, newsletter, tract, subject, folio, bulletin, booklet, acquaintance, issuance, issuing, outcome, organ, gazette, declaration, novel, advertisement, issue, result, words, chronicle, work, egress, knowledge, journal, broadcast, script, proclamation, post, brochure, opus, paper, exit, offspring, title, statement, tome, return, journalism, dissemination, manual, broadcasting, commercial, communication, advisement, outlet, take, index, disclosure, treatise, upshot, chapter, edition, newspaper, publishing, announcement, annunciation, emergence, proceeds, list, propaganda, monograph, textbook, leaflet, book, magazine, herald, volume, revelation, topic, notice, military issue, brief, yield.

Examples of usage:

1) Then slowly, as the weeks passed and the success continued, he knew that the publication of this book had changed the course of his life. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) Just why the Trechsels did not issue the publication until 1538 it is impossible to say. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) But there was no demand for it in England, and Mr. Chapman lost heavily by its publication. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.