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Spell check of prevarication

Correct spelling: prevarication

evasion, waffle, clear, improbity, deviousness, feloniousness, deception, manufacturing, fairy tale, underhandedness, tale, corruption, hedge, mendacity, fraud, fiction, assembly, shuffle, double-dealing, untruth, evasiveness, falsehood, finesse, taradiddle, cock-and-bull story, tergiversation, misstatement, crookedness, dissimulation, fable, fib, tall tale, cunning, fictionalisation, guile, lying, ambiguity, treachery, craft, deceit, craftiness, falsity, delusion, unscrupulousness, imposition, weasel word, fraudulence, inveracity, equivoque, canard, fictionalization, fish story, fabrication, manufacture, lie, immorality, trickery, traitorousness, dishonesty, whopper, true, misrepresentation, hypocrisy, story, chicanery, duplicity, deceitfulness, equivocation, euphemism, insincerity.

frankness, substantiation, openness, confirmation, simplicity, veracity, honesty, authentication, truthfulness, validation, verification, guilelessness, truth, fact, verity, sincerity, truism, candor.

Examples of usage:

1) On the other hand prevarication would not fail to excite suspicion, and on our not being able to satisfactorily account for our possession of the ship and what was in her, it might end in our actually being seized as pirates and perhaps executed. - "The Frozen Pirate", W. Clark Russell.

2) " My dear Conrad, you know as well as I do that is a mere prevarication. - "Somehow Good", William de Morgan.

3) Maurice hesitated, but there was no prevarication handy. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.