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Spell check of press

Correct spelling: press

mash, insistency, horde, fight back, printing, literary agent, thrust, haste, conjure, cheer, mess, publisher, cuddy, drove, kettle of fish, count, hutch, collection, jam, crush out, reporter, bring up, club, papers, sign on, invoke, shorten, bulletin, conspire, bully, columnist, agitator, raise, printer, promote, charge, constringe, foreshorten, beseech, shove, disturb, plead, fight, undertake, dictate, inspire, manuscript, show, shake, coax, evoke, force, butcher, tug, collect, cause, advertise, weightlift, compress, embosom, cut, mechanical press, support, compel, circulation, locker, flock, cabal, vex, back copy, shrink, mandate, propel, shake up, drive, nip, assert, strain, conjure up, urge on, busload, campaign, electronic jamming, loo, balance, press out, motivate, flatten, contribute, come out, calculator, bake, compaction, army, hale, carve, hold, rub, reviewer, crank, extort, confusion, recommend, console, abridge, struggle, wad, editorship, newsman, depress, eject, correspondent, hang out, enfold, impel, editor, puppy love, back issue, beat, public press, arouse, seek, butchery, stuff, squash, back number, express, pressing, browbeat, dhobi, adjure, buffet, blend, labour, beg, flash, forge ahead, crushed leather, put forward, manufacture, rouse, brochure, clinch, sign up, gouge, turn out, offer, crusade, copyright, blower, bundle, oblige, backlist, atmospheric pressure, mob, air pressure, actuate, smooth, ask, press corps, dragoon, exhort, contend, squelch, iron out, force per unit area, imperativeness, wedge, compact, bike, cram, call forth, invite, host, stir, extract, compilation, chill, twinge, bookbinding, take, butter, weight-lift, edition, oppose, crush, threaten, instancy, insistence, pester, agitate, touch, cupboard, control, bosom, pantry, array, grind out, rush, tighten, librate, pressure, narrow, coerce, compressor, put right, foment, military press, stir up, advertize, dry cleaner's, budge, fourth estate, hug, push, bear, rout, boil, spark, labor, constellation, boiler, ram, editing, straighten out, pass, advocate, carry on, publishing house, bang out, energize, fight down, shift, journalist, rack, squeeze, progress, crowd, mass, urge, consider, muddle, ISBN, come off, air, hijack, implore, tender, concentrate, wardrobe, pressure sensation, converter, continue, convertor, move, news agency, pack, cover, point to, biweekly, circle, abbreviate, drag into, drip-dry, rush out, blanch, activate, prove, legion, pickle, bone, sign, compression, pack together, barrack, letterpress, printing press, bear on, bring out, raise up, complot, over, clasp, turn on, multitude, go, nag, confirm, embrace, churn out, walk on, typing, stress, reduce, twitch, herd, calf love, badger, infatuation, charger, flow, comic book, daunt, argue, get, condense, comic, head, produce, solicit, mangle, call down, carriage, bulldoze, age group, call, scrunch, bibliography, defend, insisting, scrum, certify, assemblage, flick, pinch, throng, charge up, swarm, broadsheet, grind, backstory, contract, embed, incite, machinate, wring, pep up, sideboard, take the field, matter, edit, dry-clean, hang up, goad, galvanize, insist, closet, stub out, stimulate, weigh, bid, validate, fix, pressure level, issue, iron, excite, crunch, wish, syndicate, citizen journalism, extinguish, checkbook journalism, roll out, commove, entreat, engage, water closet, constrict, tweet, jamming, intimidate, clip, run.

Examples of usage:

1) This could not be done if I took the press into my confidence; and, therefore, I quietly departed from New York, to be joined by my family later. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The book is not yet printed, but part of it is in press. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) The more our thoughts struggle to turn away from it, the closer do they press around it. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.