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Spell check of preoccupied

Correct spelling: preoccupied

heedless, indifferent, uninformed, taken up, ignorant, absorbed, befuddled, deep in thought, disinterested, addicted, inadvertent, unconscious, thoughtful, distrait, incognizant, obsessed, absent-minded, excite, engrossed, haunted, disregardful, unheedful, detached, bemused, wandering, lost, insensible, ignoring, vacantly, negligent, awareness, fanatic, compulsive, spaced out, unconcerned, uninterested, unobservant, deep, obsessive, fixated, dreamy, ability, distant, inattentive, unknowing, thoughtless, rapt, absent, faraway, neglectful, listless, oblivious, abstracted, napping, intent, unmindful, distracted, aloof, concerned.

open-eyed, conscious, heads-up, prompt, on hand, watchful, thoughtless, observing, sharp, unconfused, alive, alert, unconcerned, wide-awake, aware, thoughtful, vigilant, mindful, wary, observant, clearheaded, ready, heedful, attentive, engaged.

Examples of usage:

1) Thorne led her out once, but he seemed preoccupied, and soon afterward he and the girl she had already noticed once more drew apart from the rest. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) His preoccupied manner indicated that he was in no mood for conversation, and Florence left him standing moodily still. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) Captain Meredith felt he would like to have a talk with this person; but his mind became preoccupied with another aspect of the case. - "Command", William McFee.