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Spell check of premium

Correct spelling: premium

uneconomical, grant, damage, agio, allowance, broker, costly, agiotage, adjuster, burden, bid price, retribution, punishment, all-inclusive, bid, charge, gratuity, bear market, high-priced, amplitude, price, award, forfeiture, bounty, judgment, levy, settlement, payment, prize, outrageous, precious, broker-dealer, duty, comprehensive, actuarial, chargeable, figure, credit rating, overpriced, high-end, invaluable, payback, drawback, oversold, inclusive, tariff, call, all-in, exchange premium, abatement, tax, rich, superior, priceless, selected, plum, down payment, value, bounteousness, honorarium, bullish, advance, ultraexpensive, aftermarket, bountifulness, high, valuable, bonus, good, cost, correction, indemnity, exclusive, carrier, extra, benefit, big-ticket, buyer's market, fine, spendy, remittance, quotation, excellent, cold call, discipline, rate, encumbrance, discount, direct marketing, contributory, dear, pension, unreasonable, extravagant, outlay, cross-selling, collision damage waiver, tab, penalty, accolade, bear, inflated, expensive, luxurious, bearish, toll, pricey, reward, deduction, churn rate, worth, customer care, subsidy, gift, subvention, discounted, contribution, fancy, overboard, bull, high-class, chastisement, basic, half-price, assurance, insurance premium, tribute, handicap, high-ticket, expense, detail, aid, select, actuary, bondholder, support, sumptuous, dearness, bull market, exorbitant, guerdon, amount.

inexpensive, reasonable, inferior, discounted, worthless, valueless, cheap, moderate.

Examples of usage:

1) These gratuities serve as a premium upon good behavior and obedience to authority. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) With shame I ask the question, does not our government here offer a premium on infidelity? - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.

3) You ought to write advertisements; I'm sure the Garden City would pay a big premium. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.